Bandwidth day: Things and Stuff wastes even more bandwidth than usual

On this day in 2000, I got my first broadband installation. To celebrate, this month’s Things and Stuff will be wasting even more bandwidth than usual. Last year, I streamed using ogg flac, as well as ogg vorbis. This year, I’ll be providing not one, not two, but three lossless ogg flac streams, all with different mixes of the show, as well as the standard lossy version. You get the standard show mix, another mix with only the music and no talking, phone calls, etc. and another submix with only talking, not including music or any other processing. You can get the playlist containing links to all the lossless streams in the order written above. As Things and Stuff starts at 10:00 PM EST, the streams won’t work until this time, or possibly a little after, since I apparently enjoy being late. If you tune in before the show, you might hear interesting things. Then again, you may not.

To listen to any of these three streams, you will need a player that supports ogg flac playback, such as VLC or Foobar2000. This may or may not work inside some browsers, such as chrome. If you don’t have such a player, you can still tune in to TBRN’s normal ogg stream.
Let’s all waste some bandwidth today!

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Zoom IQ5 review/demonstration

I recently bought the new Zoom IQ5 mid/side stereo microphone for iOS devices, and, while it’s definitely not my favorite mic for voice, as I find it to be too bright (nothing that some processing won’t cure,) it’s still potentially useful. I recorded a 30-minute review/audio demo on it for those interested in such things. Download my IQ5 demo here. As with most things I’ve recorded, it features a bit of incrimination on my part. Ah, the things you do for audio.

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Zoom IQ5 review/demonstration

I recently bought the new Zoom IQ5 mid/side stereo microphone for iOS devices, and, while it’s definitely not my favorite mic for voice, as I find it to be too bright (nothing that some processing won’t cure,) it’s still potentially useful. I recorded a 30-minute review/audio demo on it for those interested in such things. Download my IQ5 demo here. As with most things I’ve recorded, it features a bit of incrimination on my part. Ah, the things you do for audio.

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Announcing the half-way re-launch of FX Radio

If you’re a long-time follower of the stupid things I’ve done over the past few years, you may remember a project I started in August 2005 called FX Radio. The idea was simple — take a huge collection of sound effects, have three media players playing everything available in this massive library, stream it all to the interwebs, and see what happens.
This is a project that has existed on and off since it’s original conception. Due to a bunch of stuff going on in my life, plus the death of the dedicated low-budget machine I built in 2007 to run the project, it’s been silent for about 1.5 years… until now.
That’s right, FX Radio lives again, with more features and dumb noises than ever before!

Have you ever found yourself in an airplane being flown by a sheep? Have you or someone you know ever been involved in an accident with a laundry machine and a flock of geese? Were you looking for a place to hang your clock in the middle of your swimming pool, but unsure where to turn for help?
No problem! FX Radio is here for you!
Simply click here to listen to FX Radio in your favorite media player, and let the world involve itself in trivial matters, while bad things happen to you.
For even more fun, you can add your voice to the mix by calling +1(360)469-0568 in the United States to reach the FX Radio SHOUTBox, to obtain your own 90 seconds of fame. For the geeks, you can place a sip call to

So, you may be asking yourself why this is only a half-way re-launch. Well, it’s simple. I’m currently too busy/otherwise unmotivated to build a dedicated website with web player for FX Radio, although I intend to do that in the next few weeks. So, for now, I’ve taken the lazy man’s approach, and put it out there anyway. I also plan to add a second channel (for those who might be bored with what’s going on with the current stream,) and more interesting features as I think of them. For now, enjoy what does exist, and look forward to even more stupidity from an old HP Nara3 in my basement.

Thanks to Andre Louis and Jakob Rosin for helping me beta test things over the last couple of weeks, as well as managing some of the random content you might hear every 21 minutes and 17 seconds (yes, I do have a reason for using that exact number.)

Update, 03/08/2013
I’m now writing from New York City. Something fell over and died pretty hard shortly after I left for NYC on March 04, 2013, and I don’t have full remote access to the machine running FX Radio, so this project is currently dead for an indefinite amount of time. I don’t know when I’ll be back home, but I will try to get it up and running from here. However, no promises that this will happen. It may be silent again until at least mid April, if not longer. Sorry to get your hopes up only to dash them again.

Another update, 03/10/2013:
I managed to get FX Radio up and running again, for the most part, with lots of virtual duct tape. Things aren’t quite how I’d like them to be, but further tweaking will happen when I get back home from NYC, as doing what I want from here isn’t very practical. In the mean time, it does at least work.

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Announcing the return of Things and Stuff

As some may remember, I used to do this really dumb show on the Beyond Radio Network every Saturday from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM. It didn’t really have a point, but it was fun, and overall, something to do.

In April, a series of events occurred which made me decide to stop bothering doing this stupid show. Around the same time, work picked up, and things started to become a bit interesting, which means I have a lot of catching up to do.

Now, almost five months after doing my last official broadcast, pre-recorded though it may have been, I will be back on the virtual airwaves again tonight at 10:00 PM EDT. This might be a bad idea, but we’ll see how it goes.
I even have content planned for this one, which is almost never the case, as this usually results in things breaking in a spectacular way. If nothing else, you should tune in to watch that. Everyone has a bit of schadenfreude sometimes, after all.
From rooftops to trashcans, it presents something to do. It might even be slightly interesting.

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PDAudio Realtime 2011

Well, here we are again, ladies and gentlemen. Late June, hot times, thunderstorms, and PDAudio Realtime… Well, yeah, we just had to go and break it, didn’t we?

Last Thursday evening, Derek showed up at my place for a while, which is rather unusual in and of itself, since these things usually happen on Friday, and in the morning. The following Saturday, June 25, 2011, we streamed PDAudio Realtime 2011, which was just over five hours long. It had been almost three months since I took to the fake airwaves prior to this stream, about the same length of time as it’s been since I’ve written on this virtual paper, and I used a different routing configuration than normal to combat some issues found with dynamics processing on the master bus of my Presonus StudioLive 16-4-2 mixer, which created their own issues. We also decided at the last minute to use a pair of dynamic microphones rather than the traditional condensers, breaking the “condenser only” trend which had been going on since 2004. In this case we used a set of Sennheiser E835 cardioids. I bought one of these mics a few weeks ago, decided it wasn’t a waste of money, and we found another for a reasonable price at the local music-go-round, which Derek bought for his own personal use. So, why not?

‘So, enough about the technology. What did the stream actually do?’
To at least partially answer that question, here is a portion of the related entry from Derek’s blog.
“Will we find ourselves scanning the virtual radio dial to pull in unheard content from AM Talk 0? Will the PDAudio band exist? What about you, the possible listener. What will you do to cause or affect events as they play out?”
Most of these things did, in fact, happen, as well as some other stuff. Yeah, typical us, no proper notes. That’s how it goes.

For those with a lot of spare time, the archive for Realtime 2011 can be downloaded over there, all 5 hours and 21 seconds of it. Never heard of AM Talk 0? No problem! You can find out what it does throughout the course of the show. You also get to hear an attempted suicide, except not, and we talk to someone who has apparently died multiple times, and lives to tell about it today.
Fun with outtakes and studio slates, phone calls from strange people, and other things round it up.
If any of this interests you, check out the above link. If not, we don’t really blame you or anything.

I would like to take this time to apologize for a few things:

  • The sound of the archive due to occasional bad mixing on my part, including accidental obsession with reverb,
  • the general pointless nature of the thing as a whole,
  • and the wasted time you’ll never get back.

That should cover it, I think. Enjoy, or don’t.

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the re-re-return of FX Radio

For those who have been following the pointlessness that I seem to enjoy bringing to the world over the past few years, you’ll know doubt recall the FX Radio project, which was an idea that Derek and I had in the summer of 2005. Basically, the premise is simply to have three independent media players all playing from a huge collection of sound effects completely at random, mix them all together, and let your imagination run wild.
This was originally done as a one-off in August 2005, and I decided to make it a permanent bandwidth/power-wasting feature of my life a couple of months later. It’s come and gone over the past nearly six years, and had a pretty good run up until October 2010 when I had to pull it due to bandwidth concerns. Now, it’s been completely redesigned (well, the processing, streaming and playing part of it, anyway,) though it’s mostly still what you’d expect from the original concept, with many more things added to the library since the last time it functioned properly. The “SHOUTBOX!” has also been improved for maximum intelligibility, I.E. it ducks everything else down a few DB, and includes an autopan and reverb, just because I was bored.

If you’re all curious, and feel like experiencing this totally dumb idea for yourself, here’s what to do:
click here or point your media player to to listen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

For added stupidity, you can call +1(360)515-4554. Or, if you’d rather do it the geeky way, you can use the sip address

I have more ideas that may or may not be implemented at some point soon, because, you know, it’s such a great way to waste time, energy, and learn stuff. Really, if you’re going to do something totally unproductive, make it worthwhile, or something. Right?

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Things and Stuff for April 9, 2011, the last one for a while

Well, here we are again, with this week’s rather unusual show. ‘What’s so unusual about it, given that most shows are considerably strange by default?’ Well, this one was pre-recorded, something I never thought I would do. That’s right, for the first, and probably last time, I did a full, pre-recorded show, with the help of 18 copies of myself. ‘Why bother with all that?’
After the fiasco that was last week’s attempt at a show, I decided to make a point, and I think I’ve succeeded, with some stupid and interesting things along the way.
‘What might those be?’ Well, as these things seem to go lately, it is best experienced, not described. So, have a little download, and see for yourself what happens when 19 instances of myself get together, and try to make stuff happen.

Over the last 6.25 years, I’ve really enjoyed doing this stupid thing that some might call a show, otherwise known as Things and Stuff. It’s really become a part of my routine, and the few weeks I’ve missed streaming on Saturday night for one reason or another since 2005 (which has probably happened less than 20 times over the period, I always felt kind of strange, leading me to ask the question “So, what did I used to do on Saturday nights before Things and Stuff?” I guess that sort of thing happens when you get used to doing something with such regularity.

However, when stupid people take away my enjoyment of the thing itself, there is really no reason to go on. And, while I’m not one to let a couple of little things take me down, a large build-up of smaller events leads me to have no tolerance for outright stupidity. I have no problem with educated pointlessness, however, as this is quite a different situation entirely, and, in fact, is the main premise of Things and Stuff as a whole. So, as of now, Things and Stuff is dead until further notice.
However, I couldn’t just leave things hanging, and needed a bit of closure myself.

Last week’s attempt at a show, which only lasted 45 minutes, constantly interrupted by immature prepubescent jerks with some technology at their disposal, is proof that I need a change. Whether this means killing the show altogether, changing it up, or something entirely different remains to be seen, but at this point, I can safely say that this situation is no longer working for me.

I think it’s also safe to say that, with a few exceptions, I am quite a different person from the bored, lonely not quite adult who started this thing in January 2005 as a one-off, which decided to keep going. It was originally supposed to air on Saturday morning for one day only, but I slept through it, and successfully made it work twelve hours later the same day, then just couldn’t be bothered to stop after that.

Through the show, TBRN, and some other related things, I have met some amazing people, some of whom are amazing in the true, life-changing sense, others who are just amazingly… well, let’s not go into that discussion on this particular forum, or any other, for that matter. I really don’t have the energy to put forth at this point, at least as it relates to this topic.

To those who have been around, I’d like to thank you for your support over the last few years, and what has turned out to be a combination scratch pad/idea bin, as well as my slow, subtle change from a boy to… um… an older one with a slightly less basic understanding of the world in general. I will continue this when I am ready. Until then, 73 de Things and Stuff. May your light bulbs shine brightly, waste electricity, and increase your over-all carbon footprint.

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Things and Stuff for March 26, 2011

Another month is over, according to the TAS calendar. Oh boy.
As a result, this week’s show is now available for download. ‘Why bother?’ Good question. Here’s some of the stuff you’ll miss if you don’t.

  • The first call from Derek ended up basically being the extended “how was your week,” followed by us talking about Derek’s up-coming trip to Florida, and things we may or may not buy, and some of my recent purchases, including a Focusrite sound interface for my laptop, which I can’t use yet.
  • Monty tries to call in using sip over 3g, but it just doesn’t cut it. Sorry, try again.
  • Someone thought it was a great idea to knock over a bunch of books and DVDs in a library, and shared this with us all. Unfortunately, fun noises were not included.
  • Inspired by a conversation on Twitter, I decided to play with a couple of software vocoders in real time, these being ReaVocode (included with Reaper,) and the free MDA Vocoder VST. These made regular appearances throughout the rest of the show, just because it was something to do at the time.
  • Let’s talk about the lovely *spring?* weather North Carolina is experiencing. After several warm days in the mid to upper 80’s, parts of the state are now finding themselves the proud recipients of sleet and snow.
  • This week’s Mommy call reveals the fact that she now owns an iPhone, and is confused as to it’s general use. She also likes watching movies about Queen Victoria, apparently.
  • Monty attempts to call using g.722 technology, which breaks horribly. Sounded really nice for about 0.6 seconds, though. Get some wifi and try again.
  • Falling acoustic panels and a call from Venison makes us complain about the broken state of various tape decks in the studio.
  • After another call from Monty, this time from a landline, I found the instrumental version of a track I recorded with my sister-in-law five years ago, pulled up a vocoder, and made a song about a crappy bass guitar that wouldn’t stay in tune. Yes, very intelligent.
  • Derek calls in with a reasonable carbon phone emulator, and things get really stupid for a few minutes.
  • Another call from Monty brings up the point that American content and ideas are unavoidable, and a discussion about Cuba and China exists.
  • The rest of the show deals with songs that sound far too similar for their own good, with calls from Derek and Drew.

As I said before, that’s it for another month. BTW, this archive was once again uploaded from my iPhone at twice the speed of my cable upstream. Still annoyed about that. It Peaked at 152 KB/sec. Cable does about 89. Blah, whatever.

I’m being visited by a massive headache, which also annoys me. So, until next time, bye bye.

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Things and Stuff (A.K.A. Macs and Stuff) for March 19, 2011

Coming to you live from the Hyatt, otherwise known as my second home, it’s another archive!
This is the first show I’ve ever done both without a mixing board, and in the domain of Mac OSX, using a combination of LadioCast, Garage Band, Soundflower, and Audio Hijack, all streamed through my iPhone’s 3g connection, which, sadly, is much better than that provided by the hotel, as we found out back in November of 2009. Enough virtualization for you? Yeah, me too. I was going to stream under Windows 7 using Reaper as a virtual mixer, but that all fell apart, so I figured hey, why not give myself a challenge?

Some issues existed, like, for example, the fact that Robby kept trying to invade the show, and twelve-year-old kids really should go to bed, .
And, as such things go, Melanie was there to make things more amusing/interesting than they might have been otherwise.

From a technical standpoint, not too many bad things happened, especially considering it could have been much worse under the circumstances. The audio is a little sizzly on the high-end. Of course, I didn’t hear that on the monitor while it was happening. Such is life. I did compensate a little for that.

There were some things I wanted to do that were either not possible, or which never came up due to us both being thoroughly distracted. Again, such is life.

Just remember, this is a proof-of-concept more than anything else. Take it as how it is presented, or something. Back to being standard, or, as standard as we let it become next week.

IN the meantime, there’s alcohol over here that demands attention.

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Things and Stuff for the last bit of February and half of March, 2011

I said I wouldn’t do this. Now, less than two months later, I’ve already gone and broken my promise to myself not to go and backlog loads of shows to write about later. We’ll attribute this, yet again, to pure, unadultorated laziness. In fact, we’re going to continue this trend by simply linking to the Things and Stuff archives for February 26, March 5, and March 12 with no descriptions. They were fun, go grab. Yeah, that’s it.

I will seriously try to do better in future, but for now, I can’t really be bothered to make up for it properly. Too bad for you.

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A test of my new home

Good evening from the desk of Borris. Yes, it really is the desk of Borris this time, unlike usual. I’m actually sitting here typing on my relatively new MacBook Pro, rather than being the standard lazy person with a netbook.

The point of this post is to do things:

  • Get used to posting stuff from the mac
  • get used to wordpress in general

As I posted on my live journal earlier today, I have made the switch to wordpress for the blog, and maybe other fun things in future. I’ve been meaning to switch for a while, and certain events have finally prompted me to do something about it. This year seems to be one for playing with new technology, at least for me. Of course, I bought my Mac in February, so I’m learning an entirely new computing environment. I’ve started editing things with Reaper, mostly for the SeroTalk Podcast, and I’m really enjoying the flexibility offered by multi-track non-destructive linear editing. No, I won’t be throwing SoundForge away by any means, as there will always be need for the services of such an editor, but it is augmented with fun things provided by Reaper. Yes, Sonar, which I’ve had for a while, can do all the same stuff, but it’s a bit clunky, and I never really became comfortable enough with straight-forward, simple processes.
Also, Time Warner Cable is finally going to give us some decent bandwidth this year, maxing out at 50mb down by 5mb up. Sure, it’s still a ten-to-one ratio, but at least speeds will be reasonable, something we haven’t really had around here since about ten years ago. Note that we haven’t really progressed in ten years, while almost everyone else in the country has. Oh well, it happens. Good times indeed.

Now, as I don’t really have much to say of consequence, I’ll press the big scary post button, and watch things hopefully not break too badly, given that this post is, as I mentioned earlier, being brought to you by two relatively unfamiliar platforms. By the way, this post contains 347 words, according to wordpress. I happen to think something is lying though, as it isn’t always increasing as I type. Does it really matter? Probably not.

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Things and Stuff for February 19, 2011

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’ve gone and done it again. This week’s Things and Stuff is now ready to be digested. Come on, little enzymes, get to work! Break it down into it’s component pieces! Dissolve the flesh! Absorb those lovely … nutrients? Oh, wait. We have none of those around here.
Here’s a summary of what this show did:

  • How was your week? Mine consisted of failing technology and cheap microphones.
  • Immature kids with the ability to spoof caller ID are bad.
  • Nick G tells us about a fun deal from ChunkHost. in which you get a free VPS with 512MB ram and a 20GB HD for an unspecified amount of time. Might get one of these myself just for testing purposes.
  • Jonathan speculates on what it might have been like to own a telephone in 1906, based on a book he read, among other things.
  • What do you get when you pay $3.98 for a microphone? How do two of these cheap pieces of crap work in a stereo configuration?
  • Let’s have some music made with duct tape, water bottles, wine glasses, and other standard items from a strange person, followed by other examples of stupid musical things by yours truly.
  • Mom continues to be generally odd, somehow managing to bring together President Obama and a bunch of squeaky ducks. Yeah, she’s weird, I know.
  • My first boring production ever made with Garage band under Mac OSS10.6.6 is introduced, though it isn’t all that interesting in and of itself.
  • FX Radio has been dead since October. After waffling for a while, then playing some tracks, I randomly decided I missed it, and so pulled up several media players (at least ten of them, I think,) and faked it for a while, accidentally creating the “that is correct” remix on the fly. I really didn’t mean to sound like Over the Edge or Shirley & Spinoza Radio, I promise! Well, not really hard, anyway.

So, that’s that for this week. Stay tuned next week for the exciting new sound of the same show going through a Linksys E2000 router running Tomato instead of a Buffalo WHRG125 with DD-WRT. I’m sure you’ll notice the difference, right?

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Things and Stuff for February 12, 2011

This week’s Things and Stuff is now ready for baking.
This episode features an intro change, as well as a remote co-host, dgl1984, brought to us by the latest version of Fideliphone, a rather awesome free low latency full duplex audio streaming thingy.
Think of it as kind of a mini-realtime, only not, since it was split-studio. The latency and performance of Fideliphone is such, however, that it almost seemed like a real one… sort of.

Except for a couple of stupid technical issues with the phone (I still hate softphones,) this was a rather fun show, featuring things such as the first “ask Mommy” segment, wherein listeners are invited to ask questions of my very strange mother, and a realtime demonstration of packet data streaming from a pass of the international space station. We managed to waste the rest of the time with other pointless things as well, including fun clips from a trip to West Virginia, confusing Monty, and other random stuff.

This concept of having a co-host via Fideliphone is most likely a one-off, and was totally unplanned, which worked out fine, since I had nothing planned for the show anyway. No, please don’t all be shocked at once, or anything like that. Feel free to enjoy, or not, depending on how it strikes your fancy.

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Things and Stuff for February 5, 2011

This week’s Things and Stuff is now ready to download. It may hold the record for being the “blindest” Things and Stuff show ever, with discussions about guide dogs, talking watches, screen readers, and other fun stuff, but it’s OK. It happens sometimes. Apologies, or not, depending on how you take that sort of thing.

Just a quick stupid unrelated update:
For those who aren’t following me on Twitter, I had a short (twenty hour) stay in a hospital for the first time since 1989 on Monday. Lots of abdominal pain, but fortunately nothing serious. The first thing I thought was “appendix,” but fortunately, this wasn’t the case. I have to say though, I’ve never experienced pain like that in my life, and hope never to do so again.

Also, on Friday, I got a MacBook Pro 13.3 inch laptop, which I’m now attempting to figure out. Learning an entirely new computing environment is fun. Sure, it will eventually also act as a Windows host, but for now, it’s fun to play with, as prior to obtaining this laptop, I hadn’t actually used a Mac since OS 7.5. Only everything has changed since then. However, I’m being a bad, non-adventurous person by typing this post on the netbook. Oh well.

Interestingly enough, this is the first non-netbook portable computer I’ve actually purchased in five years, as I bought the HP L2005 in February 2006. The HP technically still works, but needs a new hard drive, and the left arrow key is missing. Maybe I’ll fix it up and put that in service as a spare, or a Mommybook at some point.

Also, to someone’s amusement, maybe only mine, the MacBook cost a little bit less than I paid for that HP five years ago. Oh, and for anyone who cares, the Mac is called Grindelwald. The HP is Marvolo. Yeah… Enough said.

It’s now time to embrase the thing that is Sunday, otherwise known as bed. See you next time.

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Things and Stuff for most of January, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. To be completely honest, just throwing links to show archives on my twitter page has been more welcoming than sitting down to write out descriptions of shows for the past few weeks. However, I know there are those who don’t follow Twitter, and thus, I suppose I’m being a bad, exclusive person. Certainly not a great idea when things are on such a small scale to begin with, but it happens.
I’ll fully admit that I’m lazy. However, it has also come to my attention that the podcast feed for my show has been broken for a while, so some of you may not have seen these things show up. Oh well, no matter. Here we are at the end of January, with a backlog of three archives to post about here. Isn’t that a great idea? No? Oh well…
Let’s do this thing in chronological order, so as to not break the series. Oh wait, this isn’t a series…

Things and Stuff for January 15, 2011

Here is another great example of why one should never try doing a show several minutes after waking up from a good early evening’s nap, with a large headache on top of that. Really, I don’t recommend it. Don’t do it.

  • After a rocky start, including the keyboard nearly dying, and continuously firing the “oh no” cart lots of times, things finally get under way, with a call from that generic Google voice person from last week, who we now know as Bill. Still not interesting. Sorry.
  • Derek calls in to display his displeasure at the substandard first call, brought to us by a technical difficulty preventing a more interesting one from showing up, like Derek’s interesting run-in with a southern girl who was looking for a

    guy with a car…

  • Sometimes, phones generate bad things, like people calling in from Skype, requesting things that are obviously bad. Don’t worry, we have better things to use for suitable substitutions.
  • Every episode of this show has a bit of geekery in it. This one is no exception. With a call from Kyle comes talk of amateur radio, various data transmission methods, and all sorts of stuff that would completely bore normal people. Good thing you’re not, right?
  • The weekly Mommy call is quite boring this time around, as Mom and I talk about some of the acoustic material I put up in the studio falling down due to obvious issues, Dexter still has a cute face, and… that’s about it. Nothing exciting at all, really.
  • More old telephone stuff shows up… like that’s never happened before… This time, we have an old broadcast featuring Pat Fleet and Jane Barby, as well as someone’s video from inside an old crossbar telephone exchange in the UK, and a very clean recording from a switch in the 251 area code.
  • More keyboard badness, followed by me totally screwing up my routing matrix when attempting to play with my mixer’s on-board effects, and ending up in the wrong section of the interface entirely. I managed to route the SP/DIF output on the console to the phone send, which really broke things. Naturally, I compensated for it… Post-production is fun! This was followed by a broken song, and more bad things with keyboards and effects processors.
  • Another annoying phone call, followed by more geekery, in which I explain a new audio processing stack for the input of my node on GlobalTuners, succeeded by a phone call from Jayson Smith, which lasted far too long for everyone’s own good.

‘Are we done yet?’ Nope. Two more issue boxes to go through, I’m afraid.

Things and Stuff for January 22, 2011

  • In place of the normal Things and Stuff everyone has come to expect, we have communist content from Cuba from a cheap Sony world band radio instead… for a while, anyway.
  • Alexander, this week’s non-communist first phone call, reports his non-communist activities, as well as a bunch of other stuff, including the previously introduced 20o10 award, and those bad old Radio Shack sound effects generators from the mid 90’s.
  • Discussion of those old Radio Shack 8-bit noise boxes prompted a call from Jayson Smith, in which more bad things from the 80’s and 90’s were brought up, including the almost universally hated talking clocks that go “BONG!” Microwaves are fun for those. However, out of spite, I decided to feature clips from one in the first track of the show.
  • The entire city, not province, of Edmonton, decides to call about communist things, including USSR radio jamming, and all kinds of other fun unrelated rambling things.
  • Let’s laugh at the jailers I live with, who now quite frequently forget to pay their cable bill, thus losing internet access. Surprisingly, or not, Monty, the bandwidth guy, has things to say about that. Mom defends herself and her actions.
  • What would TBRN sound like on shortwave? This question is partially answered, but not really.
  • Arfy tries to call in from Australia, but his net connection keeps breaking the call after only a few seconds. Monty calls in to laugh at Arfy’s misfortune, but unfortunately can’t make a good case for himself, as his own phone service is having issues at the time. Wah ha ha! I am a fan of irony!
  • Let’s tune around the shortwave band, play some rather odd tracks, then turn the radio back on to see what both shortwave and the FM broadcast band are up to, as well as doing bad things with interference from multiple electronic devices in and around the studio.
  • Jayson Smith is looking for a recording that looped on several TV stations before their analog feeds were terminated. Couldn’t find it, but other bad things happened anyway.

‘Is the torture over yet?’ Nope. Sorry. Just this last one, and you can go to sleep. I promise this one’s more interesting.

Things and Stuff for January 29, 2011

  • Starting out the show with… issues? Apparently, someone came in behind my back, and messed about with the equipment, deciding that phones and microphones were better off on single sideband, and had some fun with my network-controlled open-reel deck… Ya know, the one that plays music…
  • Time to pick on Canada again. I always enjoy doing that.
  • Lino, who hasn’t called into the show in about two years, decided that doing so again was a good idea. Why? Don’t know. I also accidentally changed oracles during that phone call.
  • I hate nose stubbers. I also hate it when I forget about noses altogether. So, something must be done about this.
  • Let’s talk about chainsaws. I like those, too.
  • Let’s also talk about portable digital recorders, as someone with a crappy recorder called in for microphone recommendations for a substandard pile of crap.
  • This week’s Mommy call is brought to us by a local routing configuration change, making it sound better than ever, and giving us a chance to pick on Mom’s southern accent even more than usual.
  • Crestin, Iowa is a great place to be, especially if you’re behind the times. We find out why, thanks to Beck.
  • Time for even more phone recordings, followed by a call from Kyle, with fun discussions, such as how to hack your way into heaven, and more.
  • I might as well incriminate myself with “the carbon microphone song,” made in 2008 with a portable four-track recorder,
    and, of course, a carbon microphone.
  • Someone sent us a couple of rendered tracks of game stuff, originally arranged for the Roland MT32 module, remixed and
    ported over to more modern sounding Roland stuff. Hear the difference!
  • More keyboard badness, this time featuring an improv, which I simply call Corporations.

‘Are we done?’ Well, almost. Now, let’s just throw a few links at you:
If you’re interested in any of the preceding crap, feel free to download the January 15, January 22, or January 29 from their respective links. Enjoy, or not. Also, remind me not to backlog like this again.

By the way, since last I wrote here, I purchased a new domain, I plan on putting on the auction block, and transferring the blog to wordpress. One of these days, I will actually get around to doing all that stuff. Then again, maybe not. Who knows?

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Things and Stuff for January 8, 2011

The subtitle of this show: “Some people should not be allowed to play with technology.” For once, I’m not talking about myself in that contact. Find out more by downloading this week’s show.

  • A first-time caller to the show, who, unfortunately, is cool enough to set up an Asterisk PBX with GoogleVoice support, but not be very interesting otherwise, decides to show up… again… and again… and again… and…
  • Randy Gilkey, snowed in up there in West Virginia, calls with some pre-nam news about some up-coming audio gear, and we talk about keyboards, organs, and strange things for a while.
  • The Mommy Call is noisy this week, featuring one of those little cheap sleep sound machine things. Mommy later shows up in the studio with lots of even noisier things. Typical…
  • Somewhere near the end, things get… weird. Yes, even more so than normal.

This show was brought to you by the number 11.
Speaking of that, it’s currently 16.8 degrees F outside. Oh, wait, that has nothing to do with anything. Oh well.

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Things and Stuff for January 1, 2011

Since Thursday, I’ve been at the home/trailer of dgl1984. I did not plan on doing a show from his place, especially since we both did a show on New Year’s Eve, called DeadTime 20o10 (yet to be uploaded,) and I’m not familiar with his board. Derek, unfortunately, started a campaign for me to do just that, and, apparently, lots of people wanted to see things flop over, have issues, and generally fail to not suck. So, here it is! I hope you’re all happy with your decision (you know who you are, of course!)
Phone issues, send problems, broken files, barfing USB drives (literally,) guns, explosions, and a problem in a pair tree… Never again will I do a show with someone else’s gear. Never!
Well, ok. It actually wasn’t all that bad, given it could have been a lot worse. Enjoy the first stupid thing from 2011. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I already had enough of that last year.

Due to Derek’s encoder not having been set up to archive in wave format, and, since ogg splicing is an ugly business, this will be the first show in 5 years, 11 months and 11 days to not feature an intro. Great, since I tried, and failed, to reenact the start of the first ever Things and Stuff from January 1, 2005, which also doesn’t feature an intro.

Have fun, or not, and may the new year suck much less than the last one did.

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Things and Stuff for December 25, 2010

Happy boxing day to all, and have the last Things and Stuff for 20o10, specifically, December 25, 20o10. Not much to look at, but it’s there anyway.

I figured, because it was Christmas night, things would be a little quiet and low key. I was correct. So, other than Bryan being the first caller to the show for the first time, and thus, making his mark in history as the last first caller to the show in a year that… well… could have been a lot better, to say the least, nothing spectacular happened, though it was fun all the same. So, take it and run. Have lots of fun.

If I don’t write here before 20oLeven, have a good one of those, too.

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Things and Stuff for December 18, 2010

Well, here we are again, a day later, with another Things and Stuff archive for you to download. ‘Twas the show before Christmas, and some strange things happened. What? You want to know more? OK, fine!

  • For about a minute, we had a guest appearance in the studio from Steve, formerly of Blart Radio.
  • Derek calls to talk about the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the movie, and plays drums on a phone, as well as other stuff.
  • Ever tried to clean a fan on a laptop? We feel your pain. So does some random guy on Youtube, so he made a song about it.
  • A call from Jonathan results in talking about Over the Edge and other random things.
  • Just how sick was I over the last couple of weeks? Well, naturally, in my state of having a horribly messed up voice, I had to record a few things, including the 32 broken Borrises.
  • Alexander shows up. We talk about Over the Edge some more, and old, bad Christmas things I’ve done in the past. A couple of them are played.
  • Getting into the Christmas spirit a bit with some seasonable music, the Mommy call turns into a live, in-studio Mommy, and a bunch of other random crap rounds out the show, including the annual appearance from Sammy the Christmas Snake.

And, as per usual, that’s a done deal. Tune in next week for… huh… I’ve never done a show on Christmas day before. That could turn out interesting.

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