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the re-re-return of FX Radio

For those who have been following the pointlessness that I seem to enjoy bringing to the world over the past few years, you’ll know doubt recall the FX Radio project, which was an idea that Derek and I had in … Continue reading

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Christmas in August… except not?

Good day, readers. Today, I have a rather odd bit of audio for you, recorded at my home last night at around 6:00 PM. As is often the case here in the good ol’ southeast United States, a particularly nice … Continue reading

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five years of stupidity

Five years ago today, I started writing in this plastic box they call a blog. Today, I looked back on those early entries, and simply stared at myself with shock and amazement that I, a person with a modicum of … Continue reading

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Let’s hang out… outside

Hey, look! It’s a blog entry that has nothing at all to do with Things and Stuff, and on a Saturday, too! I bet you didn’t expect that, did you? Oh, no, of course not! Why would I go and … Continue reading

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Another complete waste of *time*

People do the strangest things, then go off and tell other people to do even stranger ones. Why? No idea! Welcome to human nature, I suppose. Due to the events of last week, causing a temporary scale-back of TBRN services … Continue reading

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The Kel Audio HM2D has arrived, finally!

To say “that took long enough” would be kind of an understatement. First of all, I’d like to actually congratulate Canada Post on being pretty fast about getting the microphone from Winnipeg to my local post office (shipped last Thursday, … Continue reading

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More microphone madness

You all surely know by now that if I have a single vice in the world, it’s studio equipment. I particularly enjoy playing with different types of microphones, though I haven’t really figured out why: it’s just a hobby of … Continue reading

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No Things and Stuff for June 13 or 20, 2009, but pointless ramblings

Well, what do ya know? I’m actually writing in the blog again, properly this time, rather than in the guise of a delayed, semi-automated RSS feed. How’s that for something? Not impressed? Oh well, it’s all good. I’m not either. … Continue reading


FX Radio, now even more pointless than ever!

After a couple of weeks of total existence failure, FX Radio is now back, and even more pointless than ever, thanks to a bit of boredom on my part. You still get the same *great* content you can only expect … Continue reading

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a bunch of audio from London

Hi, and welcome to a hotel in Shepherd’s Bush, where seather12 and myself will be staying until early Tuesday morning, at which point we will shove off to Canada and the United States, respectively. Yeah, great way to start off … Continue reading


TBRN moves house, FX Radio gets a new address, and Fideliphone

Due to some incredibly crappy performance from TBRN’s machine, as well as the ever so helpful staff at midphase… er not… TBRN has moved. The network is now hosted by a few linode servers in different datacenters, each with specific … Continue reading

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Marshall MXL-603 pair on a fake Jecklin disk

A bit over three years ago, I got a mic from nick6489 via ck1012 while in New York, this being the Marshall Electronics MXL-603 pencil condenser mic, mainly used for instrument micing. This is a 20mm small diaphragm condenser, quite … Continue reading

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Almost six years of service comes to an end

After nearly six years of use, my Behringer Autocom pro MDX 4400 is dying. Sure, most of you probably won’t care, and, To be honest, I don’t either. I have much nicer stuff now. For the past two months or … Continue reading


More things I want, don’t need, and won’t buy

I want an 8-channel compressor/limiter/gate for the drum kit. There are only a couple of problems: My prefered store, Full Compass, only sells a couple of dedicated 8-channel units, which says a lot given the wide variety of things they … Continue reading

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MirandaComm, an almost cool voice chat plugin for Miranda-IM

As most readers of this blog will know, I use Miranda-IM as my multi-protocol messenger of choice. I’ve been using it for over three years, and, while it’s quirky and strange, it is also quite fun and configurable. For people … Continue reading

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more stereo recording things

While cruising around on the net, looking up specifications for a few things, I ran across this page, which makes reference to stereo recording using a pair of Audio Technica AT3032 small diaphragm omni-directional condenser microphones. The sample recordings here … Continue reading

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It’s all about the headphones?

Yep, it’s another one of these things, which will end up being slightly boring, a little bit dull, and just a tad on the blah side, but that’s me on a summary page. So, what else is new? Yesterday, my … Continue reading


I never thought…

I never thought I would buy a Shure microphone. Well, I just did. In this case, it’s a Shure SM85 hand-held condenser. “What prompted this,” you might ask? Well, this is a rather valid question, given that I already have … Continue reading

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Equation RP21 headphones: any good?

Apparently, my Sennheiser HD-280 headphones, which I rather like, are dying. Both of the ear pads are falling apart, and the cable wants to shove off as well. Although the cable and earpads are field replaceable, the cost for buying … Continue reading

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This is my day!

Hello, and welcome to St. Patrick’s Day (that would be me, of course). OK, maybe not, but it’s an excuse to write in this thing after two week’s of complete and total silence. IT was on this day in 1989 … Continue reading