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the re-re-return of FX Radio

For those who have been following the pointlessness that I seem to enjoy bringing to the world over the past few years, you’ll know doubt recall the FX Radio project, which was an idea that Derek and I had in … Continue reading

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Another complete waste of *time*

People do the strangest things, then go off and tell other people to do even stranger ones. Why? No idea! Welcome to human nature, I suppose. Due to the events of last week, causing a temporary scale-back of TBRN services … Continue reading

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FX Radio, now even more pointless than ever!

After a couple of weeks of total existence failure, FX Radio is now back, and even more pointless than ever, thanks to a bit of boredom on my part. You still get the same *great* content you can only expect … Continue reading

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TBRN moves house, FX Radio gets a new address, and Fideliphone

Due to some incredibly crappy performance from TBRN’s machine, as well as the ever so helpful staff at midphase… er not… TBRN has moved. The network is now hosted by a few linode servers in different datacenters, each with specific … Continue reading

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FX Radio returns with a new URL

This is just a quick update to inform those 0.15 of you who might care, that FX Radio, after being down for three weeks, has returned to an Icecast server near you. We have dropped SHOUTCast support for this feed. … Continue reading

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FX Radio returns after a one-week downtime

For anyone who may be interested, FX Radio is back after not existing for a week, due to system maintenance, re-organizing, adding, and replacing lots of sound effects libraries. I’ve added several new libraries and replaced some existing ones with … Continue reading

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