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Announcing the return of Things and Stuff

As some may remember, I used to do this really dumb show on the Beyond Radio Network every Saturday from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM. It didn’t really have a point, but it was fun, and overall, something to do. … Continue reading

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P&D Audio Productions Realtime 2009

After almost a month since it’s initial airing (still a lot better than last year), the archive for P&D Audio Productions Realtime 2009 is now available to the public, all 5 hours and 36 minutes of it. This was the … Continue reading

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a bunch of audio from London

Hi, and welcome to a hotel in Shepherd’s Bush, where seather12 and myself will be staying until early Tuesday morning, at which point we will shove off to Canada and the United States, respectively. Yeah, great way to start off … Continue reading


TBRN archives temporarily unavailable

Thanks to overlooked terms of service of Bluehost, TBRN currently has nowhere to store show archives. A new system should be in place soon, once logistics and semantics have been worked out, but there is currently no ETA. The last … Continue reading

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London bound

I’ve saved up for months, despite how it looks on the surface. I made an internal pledge to myself to make things work out. Now, I am the proud owner of a set of plane tickets to and from the … Continue reading

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TBRN moves house, FX Radio gets a new address, and Fideliphone

Due to some incredibly crappy performance from TBRN’s machine, as well as the ever so helpful staff at midphase… er not… TBRN has moved. The network is now hosted by a few linode servers in different datacenters, each with specific … Continue reading

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the DieSL show, or the dumbest thing I’ve done this week

As many who hang around some of these pages will know by now, TBRN is having it’s forth semi-annual broadcastathon, where the idea is basically to get as many live shows in a row until we run out of steam. … Continue reading


Borris Outside the Box! for June 11, 2008

As my contribution to the Beyond Radio Network‘s third biannual broadcastathon, (the point of which is to see how long TBRN can broadcast completely live content without falling over), I did something slightly non-standard. Rather than my usual boring show … Continue reading

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