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PDAudio Realtime 2011

Well, here we are again, ladies and gentlemen. Late June, hot times, thunderstorms, and PDAudio Realtime… Well, yeah, we just had to go and break it, didn’t we? Last Thursday evening, Derek showed up at my place for a while, … Continue reading

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the re-re-return of FX Radio

For those who have been following the pointlessness that I seem to enjoy bringing to the world over the past few years, you’ll know doubt recall the FX Radio project, which was an idea that Derek and I had in … Continue reading

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PDAudio Realtime 20o10

Although PDAudio Realtime 20o10 happened on Saturday, November 27, 20o10 from my place, and the archive has actually been available for a while, though not officially linked anywhere except for one Twitter post, reminding me yet again that really … Continue reading

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Radio Failure! for May 22, 2010

I tried something new. It totally failed, so here it is. Yes, I got bored with the Things and Stuff paradigm, thus, the introduction of Radio Failure, which will last for approximately one shows. That’s right, I said one shows. … Continue reading

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Several stream archives for your face

Today, we have several stream archives available for you, the strange, bored person who likes that sort of thing. PDAudio Realtime 2009.5 On Friday, November 27, 2009, P&D Audio Productions Realtime 2009.5 took place in the beautiful bedroom studio of … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for November 21, 2009

Proving that I’m still dedicated to the fine art of completely wasting time, this week’s show is now consumable. It’s probably not very tasty, but feel free to ingest it at your leisure… or something. On this weeks highly enjoyable … Continue reading

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P&D Audio Productions Realtime 2009

After almost a month since it’s initial airing (still a lot better than last year), the archive for P&D Audio Productions Realtime 2009 is now available to the public, all 5 hours and 36 minutes of it. This was the … Continue reading

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Car Time 2008

Some of you may have heard this by now, as I uploaded it late Saturday night, but there is no entry to go with it. So, here it is. Since 2006, Derek and I have done a stream live from … Continue reading

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happy almost no longer Boxing Day’s Eve!

Yep, it’s that time of year again, the time when you can be a bad, greedy person, and get away with it. Whether it’s food, presents, or other things, this is the time to have it. This Christmas was particularly … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for November 29, 2008

Borris sings through autotune. Johnny Cash sings in german. Derek was the single caller to the show. Tracks were played. I accidentally initialized my Yamaha Motif XS6 on the air while going through stupid noises on the wave rom, and … Continue reading

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FX Radio returns with a new URL

This is just a quick update to inform those 0.15 of you who might care, that FX Radio, after being down for three weeks, has returned to an Icecast server near you. We have dropped SHOUTCast support for this feed. … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for November 8, 2008, and PDAudio Realtime 2008

Things and Stuff for November 8, 2008 This week’s show was fun, and, as per usual, is now available In this episode, I play a good few more tracks than usual. Discussions include, but are not necessarily limited to eating … Continue reading

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Another PDAudio realtime come and gone

Yep, another PDAudio Realtime has come and gone. We’ve been doing these streamy things since July of 2002, and, while some things change, most things… well… didn’t, much. The stream is the longest PDAudio Realtime to date (a bit over … Continue reading

3 Comments mail server moved!

As of about 30 minutes ago,’s mail is no longer being hosted in the Borris basement. As a result, mail sent to any address at might get stuck somewhere for a bit while things propagate. Sorry for any … Continue reading

1 Comment turns seven!

Today, this boring thing turns seven years old. Seven… Wow! So many things have changed in seven years! New friends, continued old friendships, a greater working knowledge of audio theory and practice, lack-luster life in general… and through it all, … Continue reading


P&D Audio Productions Realtime 2007.5

I know you’ve waited at least 19 minutes for it, and it’s finally here! That’s right, the archive for RealTime 2007.5 is now available! It’s four hours of fun, including bad Swedish Christmas songs, bathroom fun, talk of toilets, and … Continue reading

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P&D Audio Realtime 2007

This is most of the archive for P&D Audio Productions Realtime 2007, except for the last hour, which, due to stupidity on my part, as well as other things, died. Fortunately, not much happened during the last hour worth keeping … Continue reading

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two archives in one day(s)

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got two show archives for you today. First, have Realtime 2006.5, which, despite the fact that it broke once, was really rather strange and odd, as Laura, a friend of Derek’s, was one of … Continue reading

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fake control room

First off, let me say happy thanks giving to those who do that sort of thing. Due to Mom working over most major holidays this year, nothing much has happened, and we are having a nice fake thanks giving on … Continue reading

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the other PdAudio

I’ve known about this for quite a while, but forgot about it for some reason. Earlier today, while very bored, perhaps even more so than usual, I decided to do a whois on and, just to see the … Continue reading

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