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bad laptop!!!

Oh, looky, I’m awake again, why? I’ve discovered something yesterday. When you can hear your laptop fan from another room without trying very hard, said laptop has issues. Thus, I’ve called Toshiba and it’s going away tomorrow for a lil’ … Continue reading

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job offer

Well, I’ve just gotten a job offer as DC Systems administrator for Lows. One problem though: it’s in Stokesdale, which is miles away from just about anything. So, I’d either have to move there, where transportation is the complete lose, … Continue reading

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happy anniversary to me?

Yep, that’s right, happy anniversary to me, for the one time I ever got out of this blah country… Last year at this time, or, rather, last year about 5 hours from now, I was on my way to London … Continue reading


All of your powers have been restored.

Welcome to this, the strange and odd journal of BorrisInABox. I just woke up about 14 minutes ago, according to Steve’s Talking Clock, with nothing much to do or say, I’m just here, ya know? Yeah, you do, don’t you? … Continue reading


things you may have not known about Patrick Perdue

OK, do you really know me as well as you think? Well, here are some more facts about me… er, well, according to google, anyway. “> Dr. Patrick Perdue is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, … Continue reading



Hi, and a new lose has started. Ever had a day/week/two week period where nothing works? Welcome to my life. I did my show today… Why bother? Started out: my computer decided it didn’t have any ram installed. Got this … Continue reading

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Welcome to fake job!

Hi: I’m writing from Fake Job, just beccause I can. Bryan finally came back, and he’s scaring me. He keeps closing my laptop lid and it’s annoying. Make him stop! Cry? I’m not really doing much, because the mcahine I … Continue reading

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jobs and things

Right, this here is a Tuesday. Not much has happened since last I wrote. Sunday was spent in it’s usual fassion: rather boring. Yesterday, I went to get the vent plug on my right hearing aid replaced. This is a … Continue reading

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a plausible minidisc replacement?

Hey, it’s me again, the big scary audio doob with nothing better to do than talk about all this audio related stuff that loads of peopele probably don’t care about, lol. So, today, I’m on a search for an eventual … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for April 16,2005

Download April 16 archive of Things and Stuff here Not much to report today. Went to fake job, worked on a hopeless case machine and didn’t get far with it. I think I’ve gone beyond the trial thingy with my … Continue reading


I got my phone for what it’s worth…

All righty, I did get my new, er, new/old Nokia 3600 yesterday, but there are two problems with it. 1. It’s not supposed to be locked, only problem is… well, it is locked. 2. The simm clip is missing. I … Continue reading

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Simon says:

The commercials were fun and all, but could someone play something cool? OK, so this is now the future of Clear Channel Radio? A local station recently changed formats, they are now a variety station. I mean variety in the … Continue reading


because everyone is doing it

I mostly try not to be a conformist, but this is fun and strange. Someone has written a random lj thingy which reads from the RSS feed of LJ entries, and it’s all strange. So, I couldn’t resist playing with … Continue reading

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death of an old friend

on Saturday, April 9, 2005, Stephen Upson died at the age of 97. Steve was an interesting blind man whom I used to work for. Apparently, at the age of 88, he decided to buy a computer, and as some … Continue reading

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disk compression

This disk was compressed using DriveSpace 3, which requires Windows 95. To use this disk, you must first mount it. To mount it: 1. Run DriveSpace by choosing Run from the Windows 95 Start menu, and then typing DRVSPACE. 2. … Continue reading

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I’ve corrupted them!

I’ve decided that, indirectly, I’ve successfully corrupted Deraitland. Why do I say this? Well, I listened to Pointless and Strange, which was basically caitlin45 and doodgeman being all, well… for lack of a better description, pointless an strange with Derek’s … Continue reading


a new things and stuff among other things

Righty-o, a new Things and Stuff archive has been uploaded. Get it right over here Today overall was pretty good. I decided to order a talks compattible phone, and I found a Nokia 3600 on Ebay for $89 unlocked. OK, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Saturday, which is supposed to be the coolest day of the week. For me, it’s just like any other day, excluding Thursday and Sunday, but for two differences: 1. I get to go to my fake job at … Continue reading

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Another day, another doob

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Covad is the… something?

OK, this right here is me, sort of annoyed… Very annoyed… realy, rather shockingly, desparingly annoyed! OK? So, after three months, Speakeasy finally gets Covad to change my Dslam card out, and ya know what folks? They did actually replace … Continue reading

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