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This is one archive for one show. It was rather strange, although not the most strange show I’ve ever had. We play with formant based pitch shifters routed to standard ones, strange phone thingies, and not much else. The stream … Continue reading

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I am now officially amuzed. While looking up specs and reviews for a couple of audio related things that many of you most likely won’t care about, I ran across a mod that someone makes for a Boss distortion pedal, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Today is‘s fifth year of existence. Five years ago today, I got tired of all the free thingies I was using at the time, the CJB’s, selfhost’s, dns2blow, etc. and purchased, not that I had the slightest idea … Continue reading

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an update of sorts

Hello, and welcome to another update from this little person, which lives right over there. I’ve been in the fake studio mostly all day again today for that wonderful monthly tradition of producing a song for Rainee. In actuality, it … Continue reading

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Microsoft acquires GW-Micro

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Narrator is being replaced by Window-eyes in up-coming Windows Vista. Here, have a press conference. What ever will the competition do now? Lol!


Things and Stuff for April 22, 2006

This is the archive for Things and Stuff, April 22, 2006. Prompted by the actions of a certain unnamed individual, I decided to let god host my show. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite work out for him as he was rendered … Continue reading

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the death of all good things

As you know, all things must die… the good things as well as the bad. On Thursday, yes, Thursday! Henry Bogan of Charlotte’s WBT died at the age of 71. He was just recently inducted into the North Carolina broadcaster’s … Continue reading


It’s 4:20!

Welcome to April 20. If you view today’s date in the American way, I.E. mm/dd/yyyy or mm/dd/yy, it’s 4:20, which means you’ve got a perfect excuse to get high today if you so choose. I actually have things to do … Continue reading


another mic to play with

As the subject implies, I’ve got another mic to play with. Actually, it’s a mic I’ve had for a while, but haven’t been able to do anything with for various reasons. Today, I finally got the connector changed out on … Continue reading


Easter Lore

Just saw this and had to post it. have a looky!. Oh no! I’m turning into one of those “let’s post 157 times within the next 6.7 minutes” people… or something?

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Things and Stuff for April 15, 2006

Right, here it is for your listening pleasure. This show features Ted the Talking Trumpet, amongst loads of other weird crap. You know you want it just based on that description alone, so I won’t bother going any further with … Continue reading

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updating the fake studio


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Things and Stuff for April 8, 2006

Here, have the archive for April 8, 2006. We’re trying a new system wherein the file is encoded in ogg instead of mp3 pro. The file is a bit smaller and probably doesn’t sound any less blah. I’ve still got … Continue reading


getting out!

Hello, and welcome to another wonderful Wednesday. Here’s a short update on my week before I get into what I really came here to talk about: Sunday: nothing happened. Monday: I got my 6630. It’s locked. It’s a very hard … Continue reading


Blarts and Stuff for April 1, 2006

This is the archive for blarts and stuff, April 1, 2006. I did Steve’s slot at the last minute, just because. So yeah, beep, and sleep.

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the first of a 5-part series

Hello, and welcome to the first of a 5-part Saturday series, brought to you by the month of April, bringing you a row of Saturdays to choose from. Harry Potter, and the stupid computer of the same name? A good … Continue reading

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