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a milestone in ViviTechnology

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. Vivian, renouned for being a loud, demanding, and rather annoying AMD 1800+ box, which is currently responsible for running my servers, has now been up for just over 100 days. This is most definitely … Continue reading

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Sunset Rise for October 28, 2006

This is the archive for socks and stuff for October 28, 2006. Things occurred, and stuff insued. I tried, and failed, to do a remote Things and Stuff thingy using a demo of AudioTX, a scarily expensive software ISDN codec, … Continue reading

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posting via email

I’m posting this entry using my email client, which isn’t particularly exciting as the feature has been around for ages. I never bothered to set it up, since there are far too many ways to post to LJ these days. … Continue reading

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This is a nokia phone. Let’s here it for out of date software?

Hi, and welcome to the under-cover borris. Nope, I’m not your friendly neighborhood russian spy or anything interesting like that, I’m simply in bed under the covers, typing on my phone, since I really don’t feel like getting up and … Continue reading

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Voice Post: toilet tubes


Things and Stuff for October 21, 2006

Here, have the archive for things and stuff, the first official Things and Stuff streamed in Ogg Vorbis. Yes, that’s right folks, TBRN is now streaming in the open-source, patent-free Ogg Vorbis format, which is loads better than mp3 pro … Continue reading

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Foobar 2000

Hello, and welcome to another beautiful Thursday. Today, for lack of anything better to do, and for trying new/old things, I’m attempting to learn how to use Foobar2000 version 0.8.3, possibly to replace Winamp as my mediaplayer of choice, assuming … Continue reading



“Huh? Lars? What’s that do?” Well, I’ve decided that my new production machine is going to be called Lars. It may not make Giant Gong Sample CD’s, but I, personally, feel that it should be called Lars anyway. After loads … Continue reading

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Voice Post


Things and Stuff for October 14, 2006

It’s here. I’ll do better next time.

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Posted using LJTalk…

“[Posting from Miranda] Hi, this is a test post, which is brought to you by Miranda, via the new LJ Talk thingy. I really have no idea if this will actually do anything or not, but if it doesn’t, then, … Continue reading


Motifs are stupid!

I am thinking of selling my Motif Classic, or perhaps destroying it. It is annoying me. Every time I attempt to sequence something interesting, then save it, nothing ever works out. I’ve lost a bunch of really nice sequences in … Continue reading

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A year of Rimmington

Hi, and welcome to Rimmington’s first birthday. You may be asking yourself “Who, or what, is Rimmington?” Well, Rimmington is my main desktop computer, which I built last year on this day. Although I did the standard boring thing, and … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for October 7, 2006

Here is this week’s Things/Dings/Clocks and Stuff for October 7, 2006. As per usual, it was a strange show. About half way through it, I decided to go upstairs and get my rather broken early 20’s mantel clock, and have … Continue reading

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Another apartment, not my own

Hi, and welcome to the living room of my brother and sister-in-law’s apartment, where I am sitting in a chair just next to a Yamaha Motif ES. I decided earlier this week to just kinda hang out over here for … Continue reading

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My life lives in a box under the bed

What would happen if every Wal-Mart in the world had a portal to every other Wal-Mart in the world? The answer, of course, is a very convenient way to easily get around the United States, Canada, and/or anywhere else where … Continue reading


Things and Stuff for September 30, 2006

Right, there goes another archive for you to download, throw around with little plastic speakers with glee, and brush your teeth to. Actually, if you’re sensible, you probably won’t do any of those things. So, this show was interesting. It … Continue reading

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