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Tuesdays are strange

Welcome to Wednesday. For all intents and purposes, Wednesday doesn’t do much. Neither, in relation, does any other day of the week. Yesterday, however, was a little interesting at least, if not slightly bad.

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Things and Stuff for August 18, 2007

Well, there’s a show that really could have gone a little better. OK, that’s an understatement! It starts out very tragically, with a few deaths in fact. One tends not to have a very good show when six instances of … Continue reading

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My rack is too fat — it needs to slim down!

Hi all you wonderful cardboard tubes out there, and welcome to another Thursday, and, if I’m not mistaken, the thirtieth anniversary of Elvis’s death… Yes, he did really die, despite what other people have said. Higher plain of existence? I … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for August 11, 2007

Here is this week’s show in which I attempted to use an incredibly crappy roll-up keyboard, as hearing myself typing during shows really annoyed me a lot. This keyboard doesn’t have a six-pack — no home, end, page up/down or … Continue reading

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Don’t buy a Phonic a6500! They’re bad for you!

As some may recall (those that really care), I had some problems with my Phonic A6500 dual band compressor which I bought it May. It leaned slightly to the left and clipped out in a very bad way. Feeling that … Continue reading


Pings and Stuff for August 4, 2007

OK, I will first say that I haven’t had such a bad show in a long time. Everything that could have possibly broken did so at least three times. First, Speakeasy decided to be dumb and cause me to break … Continue reading

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Bad ebay sellers really annoy me!

In all the five years I’ve been buying and selling on ebay, I’ve had very few problems with transactions, most of them being my own fault. Once, I bought something with a money-order (before I had paypal), and forgot about … Continue reading

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