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some things and stuff, but not necessarily what you expect

Yesterday, I did a show. It was boring, so I’m not going to link to it. IT has been uploaded to the usual place, so if you really want to hear some bad things, feel free to find it yourself. … Continue reading

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two centuries of bad times

I would like to make the following points: 1. Greensboro, North Carolina is, as of tomorrow, 200 years old. To honor the occasion, lots of bells from schools, churches, and anyone else that feels like it, will be ringing and … Continue reading

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a couple of archives

I’m dead tired, so I’ll make this short. First, the archive for this week’s Things and Stuff, where we discuss all sorts of unusual things, and try a skype to sip bridge for taking TBRN skype calls over the existing … Continue reading

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Hammond M3 restoration

In the summer of 2001, I received a Hammond M3 spinet organ from a great Aunt on my father’s side. It came from a church, where it stayed from it’s original purchase on October 8, 1959 (yes, I still have … Continue reading

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This is my day!

Hello, and welcome to St. Patrick’s Day (that would be me, of course). OK, maybe not, but it’s an excuse to write in this thing after two week’s of complete and total silence. IT was on this day in 1989 … Continue reading

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Live from Nashville, it’s…

Hi, and welcome to Nashville, Tennessee, where I am currently residing. I’m writing to you from an air bed on Kevin Reeves‘s living room floor. The last couple of days have been incredibly strange, and highly interesting. I will properly … Continue reading

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