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Borris v2.4 released!

Yeah, folks, it’s that time of year again… Time for a new Borris upgrade. Sadly, there is only one new feature this go ’round: an upgrade from a 23-bit to 24-bit digital to analog converter, just because 23 bits is … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for May 24, 2008

All righty, folks. This is the last airing of Things and Stuff before the release of Borris v2.4, not that things will change significantly after the upgrade. Here’s this week’s rather odd show. It features some fun tracks, a prime … Continue reading

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Happy Tray Day!

Today, May 23, is Tray Day. What? You’re looking all confused and wondering “What the hell?” Fear not, as an explanation is forthcoming! Well, actually, I’ve written about it in this blog before, so if you missed it last time, … Continue reading

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I never thought…

I never thought I would buy a Shure microphone. Well, I just did. In this case, it’s a Shure SM85 hand-held condenser. “What prompted this,” you might ask? Well, this is a rather valid question, given that I already have … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for May 17, 2008

This here show is now available for download. While it got off to a rocky start, due mostly to my broken Trixbox phone system, it ended up being pretty interesting in it’s own right, with quite a few phone calls … Continue reading

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As of about 30 minutes ago,’s mail is no longer being hosted in the Borris basement. As a result, mail sent to any address at might get stuck somewhere for a bit while things propagate. Sorry for any … Continue reading

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the death of a refrigerator, and the start of some other stuff

Well, folks, after almost thirty years, the Perdue family hotpoint refrigerator has finally bitten the dust, and will most likely be replaced tomorrow. As I’ve never moved house once in my life, and this refrigerator has been around longer than … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for May 10, 2008

Exactly one year to the day after the acquisition of my Phonic board, we present this poor excuse of a show, where I screw things up as usual, talk entirely too much, and show a clip I recorded of some … Continue reading


Apple aluminum bluetooth keyboard

Today, I took delivery of the incredibly nice, thin, and quiet Apple low profile aluminum bluetooth keyboard, which, for all intents and purposes, is a miniature wireless version of the very cool Apple aluminum USB keyboard, which I bought in … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for May 3, 2008

This edition of Things and Stuff, while it played host to the retard reprise (International Tard Day, part II), was never the less an interesting one. Featuring the next big pop hit “I like Garbage Cans”, deep philosophical discussions about … Continue reading

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useless fact of the day

Today, May 2, 2008, marks the tenth anniversary of the acquisition of my first mixing console, which was a used GLI PMX9000 dj mixer, for which I payed entirely too much money. It has three stereo channels (two of which … Continue reading

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Drugie, the new studio box?

As many will no doubt know by now, even if many don’t care all that much, my main desktop, Rimmington, died nearly a month ago. Since then, I’ve been using the laptop for everything but studio stuff. I’ve been looking … Continue reading

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