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Things and Stuff for August 30, 2008

Despite the studio being quite useless at the moment, due to much water around the place, I bring you this here archive, done from the box-like upstairs bedroom, using my little Alesis Multimix8, and the Behringer Autocom Pro 4400 compressor, … Continue reading

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swimming in the studio

Hi, and welcome to a rather annoyed Borris. North Carolina is, for once, getting quite a bit of rain. Unfortunately, my basement is receiving quite a bit of it as well, the bulk of which is being collected by my … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff for August 23, 2008

That’s right, ladies, gentlemen, phone poles, and chain-link fences. After just a bit over two months of total-existence failure, Things and Stuff has returned to TBRN, with an additude! As some will know, my Phonic board crapped out near the … Continue reading

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More things I want, don’t need, and won’t buy

I want an 8-channel compressor/limiter/gate for the drum kit. There are only a couple of problems: My prefered store, Full Compass, only sells a couple of dedicated 8-channel units, which says a lot given the wide variety of things they … Continue reading

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No more Dell!

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What’s the point?

Today, among other things that I won’t mention here, I received four of those little cheap Chinese USB headphone/microphone adapters in the mail. They are these cute little USB sound devices that sort of look a bit like a flash … Continue reading

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MirandaComm, an almost cool voice chat plugin for Miranda-IM

As most readers of this blog will know, I use Miranda-IM as my multi-protocol messenger of choice. I’ve been using it for over three years, and, while it’s quirky and strange, it is also quite fun and configurable. For people … Continue reading

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