Things and Stuff for January 2, 2010

This fun show, being the first from 20o10, deserves a proper description. Really it does! Thing is, I don’t feel like writing one. It was fun, and included, among other things, me making an absolute fool out of myself with a talkbox, a short song about 20o10, Rusty in Orchestraville, which was recorded in the late 1940’s and features lots of sonovox, and other fun things.
I rather enjoyed doing this one, but I don’t enjoy staying awake anymore. I have been told, internally, to shut right on down. And really, who am I to argue with myself? Oh, yeah, me!

By the way, for anyone curious, I WANT MY BOARD BACK! OK, I’ll shut up about that for now, but damn!

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  1. Damn board!

    Wow they sure are slow! Time to make some noise!

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