Things and Stuff for January 23, 2010

Oh, crap! Looks like it’s time for another one of these things.

On this weeks’ particularly strange show:

  • Although I should have stopped long ago, I’m still amused by one particular effect preset I created on the Quad IV processor last year, and used it on a few phone calls, including the traditional first call from Derek.
  • The now nearly traditional second caller, Josh Owens, shows up to talk about radio stuff (as per usual,) bad weather, washing cd’s in the laundry, the fact that North Carolina’s record low temperature was recorded on January 23, 1985 (-34ยบ F,) and other stuff.
  • A phone call from Mary Ann leads to discussion of the world-famous “bad for you” effect, brought to you by a Dell Dimention 8200 in 2005, accidental mid-western accents, and a demonstration of the random cart categories for interjecting noises and comments into the show.
  • This week’s Mommy call reveals that I missed some fun things on Friday night involving lots of cop cars, which is, naturally, rather unfortunate.
  • Thanks to a couple of strange Australians, we hear the amazing sound of four berocca multi-vitamin tablets being dissolved in two glasses of water, in stereo, of course.
  • Did you know that Ronnie Milsap promoted the use of Windows 3.1? Well, maybe not.
  • Things expire over time, but does time itself actually expire and time out?
  • Patrick Kelly shows up after not existing for a while. Many things are discussed, including fun experiments with dry ice.
  • The sound track for nothing at all?
  • I finally have news about the Phonic board. TriTech has *finally* been approved by American Music and Sound to fix it under the warranty. Maybe I’ll get it back before next year now instead of 2021, as was originally suggested by the length of time it takes people to actually do things around here.
  • Would anyone like a Seth Thomas pocket watch?
  • Mary Ann finally got called out for something she did 15 or 20 years ago regarding a grandfather clock, thanks to a conversation at dinner. Cute how these things turn out, isn’t it?
  • Let’s have Christmas on an acid trip, brought to you by what had better be a mislabeled cd. If it isn’t, someone has issues.
  • Time to play the keyboard some more.

And, as they say, that’s that.

Melanie is coming down for a week on Wednesday, meaning Borris goes to another hockey game on Thursday, and, depending on what’s going on, there may or may not be a show on Saturday, January 30. If there is, it should be an interesting one. Stay tuned, as per usual.

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One Response to Things and Stuff for January 23, 2010

  1. dr_bangs says:

    I had to make at least a couple of comments, as they seem somehow important, To me at least! First, What urban trad stuff do you have, and what form’s it in? I can find very little of it on the net (downloadable), although the wiki article is quite good!
    Secondly to the desolving berocca, That was Haroon and Dave! I have it somewhere, although I’m curious as to how you got that one! Was it from me?
    Craig also has been rather taken by the urban trad! I’d say one way or another we’ll have it sooner or later! I did notice they are tied with afrocelt sound system, I do have an album of theirs.


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