Things and Stuff for January 30, 2010

I would say all the normal things about this show, but I can’t. Why? Because, even for something completely non-standard, this thing is… well… completely non-standard. It’s the not normal of the non-normal. It’s broken personified, to the maximum power of things that are broken. On top of that, it’s even more broken than that… OK, so basically, I will shut up about what it is, and give you this link for the show, featuring myself and Melanie Kotch.
‘Well, what’s so great about it, then?’

I’ll just go ahead and tell you that the description for this week’s show will suck a lot more than the show itself did, including bad grammar, but here goes anyway.

  • The theme for this show, more than ever, is “I broke it!”
  • North Carolina got a whole bunch of snow. After the first traditional call from Derek, a song was played to properly commemorate the occasion… which promptly broke.
  • One of a couple of calls from “the duck,” breaking even more things.
  • Venison calls in to tell us about an experiment involving alcohol and eggs, which broke?
  • On the same note, a gassy fire… Sure, why not?
  • Josh calls in, Mommy shows up, and things get really, really confusing… that is to say, broken. Baby pictures included, free of charge.
  • Melanie and I went to a Carolina Hurricanes game on Thursday, wherein the New York Islanders forgot to show up, and lost 4 to 1. A few highlights, including drunk people chanting slower and slower as the game progressed.
  • I said something that caused lots of laughs. I won’t say what it was, because it was just… bad.
  • Annoying people, broken “oh no” loops, and drum kits, oh my!
  • Venison’s Alter ego finally figures out that Melanie is “the girl who likes hummers.,” and breaks more things as a result.
  • Let’s try, and fail, to put annoying people in boxes. Didn’t work so well… Let’s make them fall down the stairs instead.
  • Mary Ann calls in, and proves that presents are meant to be broken.
  • Venison’s Alter-ego shows up again to tell us about some amazing products on sale now.
  • Fire drills, hacking phone systems, and many more broken things from a call from Chris West round up this week’s squash box.
  • As per usual, quite a bunch of other things happened. Find out for yourself what those were.

There you have it, the most enjoyable show of 2010 thus far. Have fun, kids!

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5 Responses to Things and Stuff for January 30, 2010

  1. simon4599 says:

    fun times

    Yeah, this really was an awesome show. I’m downloading it now, at a nice … 1.14 mbps? Seriously? I guess Bell really did up my internet speed. And, You’d better have left that fake-isolated bit in there!

  2. simon4599 says:


    i am going to locally record every single one of your shows using klango’s nice little recording function. Have fun editing that, too.

    On a random note, I just tried posting this comment anonymously and was promptly presented with a ReCaptcha in a box. Did you do that, or is LJ just deciding to screen everyone’s anonymous comments?

  3. admin says:

    Re: warning

    Enjoy your transcoded audio. Guess I’ll have to start using watermarking on live streams, separate process from the archive. Don’t worry. Plans are in place now. Thanks for the motivation to bring a few technical inovations to life.

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