Time to move!

Good hello, Live Journal:

It seems you now do bad things, like throwing trogens at unsuspecting users of your services. As I don’t support such actions, I’ve decided, after storing this blog here for five years (which, lately, has become little more than a repository for Things and Stuff shownotes,) will no longer exist as it does.
As soon as some things are in place, I’ll be exporting this blog to WordPress, which will be available at www.BadForYou.net, just as this blog is now.
Perhaps I’ll keep this lj around for the express purpose of importing current posts to the new blog, so users of this site can still view my uninteresting posts. Maybe not. Oh well. It was fun, in either case.
In the meantime, I’ll go back to being sick, and reading hp fanfics, because it passes the time.

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  1. Trojens? On LJ?

    Hmm really? I’m very curious now. Any technical info to what’s going on? How and why is it happening? Who is or might get affected? How did you find out? ETC…

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