Things and Stuff for February… all of it at once

Hello everyone:

I’d like to apologize for my lengthy absence from writing here, even if it is only to post links to shows and their accompanying shownotes. I obviously haven’t gotten around to moving this blog away from livejournal out of pure lazyness, which is, of course, the reason has been dead for the past year or so as well. I really should do something about both of these things, although stuff is looking up in other areas. I may or may not have the nearly complete freedom I so enjoy soon enough, which is perfectly fine by me, given the potential for better things to come as a result.

In the meantime, I’ll throw an entire month’s worth of Things and Stuff archives at you, all at once. What, is an average workday of saturation too much for you? Oh well, that’s too bad! Have it anyway! Oh, and for the curious, if you were to play every episode of Things and Stuff from 2005 to now back-to-back, the playlist would run for about 15 days. Isn’t that special?

Things and Stuff for February 6, 2010

Nearly a month late, this show is now available for download.
In this episode:

  • Derek calls into the show using the sip client on his newly acquired Nokia E63, drastically improving the sound of “the standard first call,” while Borris drools over a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 digital mixer, something he never thought he would do. At this point, the Phonic is stil in the shop, and the purchase of a new, non-phonic board is looking very appealing.
  • Borris talks a little about the time spent with Melanie, Derek, Bianca and others the week before, and goes into detail of the fake productive week.
  • To start a string of repeat callers, a bad person from Florida/Arazona/somewhere in the pacific ocean shows up, and makes things… interesting?
  • Mom shows up, and things break more than they ever have. Stilted conversation, awkward silence, etc. Just one of those moments where things just don’t work.
  • After playing a track from Pink Floid’s Dark Side of the Moon, we hear a bit from the band itself on the creation of one of the album’s more memorable tracks.
  • In place of the standard mommy call, with the use of an old Sony Vaio Pentium III laptop, Fideliphone, a speaker, and a microphone, bad things happen in the living room. Let’s shove random noises around, and see what happens. Probably the most amusing bit of the entire show.
  • Another one of those famous Borris hits: “She Turned It Awwf!”
  • Of Venison, Texas Instruments TI99A computers, artificial intelligence, and other scary things…
  • Because it’s near the end of the show, and Borris is tired, let’s default to playing a bunch of random clips, which spawns another couple of repeat callers… again…
  • The show ends, Borris is relieved,goes to bed, and stops writing in the third person.

If you couldn’t tell, not one of my favorites, but oh well. Sorry for the random pops and clicks, but the standard archiving solution broke again, and we had to rely on Edcast, which we always hate doing, as it’s archiving capability is rather anemic, and breaks easily.
OK, he didn’t stop writing in the first person. He lied, but will do so now.

Things and Stuff for February 13, 2010

And now, it’s time for another archive!
On this one:

  • The standard phone call, as well as all subsequent ones, are a bit noisier than usual (fixed to a point in the archive after the stream) due to an error on my part, and a change of hardware. Kids, remember: when there is any bit of noise on the phone’s high end, don’t run a harmonic exciter on that channel strip, and have the high end enhancement cranked up to max, ok?
  • The phone system has been upgraded to include g.722 support on most phones in the house, yielding high quality internal calls. This is demonstrated as a fake wireless microphone using a Siemens A580 IP dect cordless phone.
  • Let’s have a tribute to the most pointless day of the year, which falls on the day after this particular show is presented, while at the same time, proving that sensorship for the sake of it is more fun than it should be.
  • ON February 13, 1970, Black Sabbath came into existence. Forty years later, a rather strange tribute to the band is presented on a little known internet radio station called TBRN, featuring the Cardigans, the Bad Plus, and Wesley Willis.
  • ACcording to Venison, autotune is “the new reverb.” We also discover that crying babies through autotune are fun.
  • The first “high quality Mommy call” occurs. Looky, she has some highs now! We discuss the olympics, the horrible new We Are the World 2010, and other things.
  • Let’s have an ambient track created using an old analog Arp 2500 modular synthesizer and a step sequencer, because I like things like that, followed by a very nicely restored Bill Evans track from vinyl. I like those, too.
  • A demonstration of Radio Time, one of my more pointless inventions, which doesn’t work at the time of this writing… Oops?
  • To the tune of a loop provided by my Korg Kaossilater and FX Radio, let’s call a bunch of random toll free numbers, and get absolutely nowhere.
  • And now, a couple of random tracks that came with my Sandisk Sansa Fuze mp3 player, providing a bunch of songs from people no one has ever heard of as a prise for buying that particular product.
  • Now, out of pure unadultorated boredom that so typifies the last few minutes of one of these things, let’s play a keyboard to a loop of ticky tocky clocky things.
  • To round out the show, we talk about old portable mp3 players, old versions of windows, and moo.

Things and Stuff for February 20, 2010

This show is now available for your face, and had plenty of issues.
For some reason, I had reverb on the microphone through the entire show. I only realized this afterward, and really have no idea why I did that. I’d also like to apologize for the slight dynamic fluctuations on this archive. Oh well, just adds to the flavor, I guess
Anyway, here’s what it did:

  • Well, I’ve gone and done it now… Remember the PreSonus board I was drooling over a couple of weeks ago? I bought one two days before this show aired live, and thus, this is the last regular show using the Yamaha MG124C that was temporarily replacing the Phonic in the studio. The Phonic is still in the shop, although it’s supposedly fixed now, three months to the day after I sent it in. So much for fast local service, I guess.
  • To make up for all those long, annoying songs that show up and get stuck in your head, have a whole bunch of short ones.
  • Proving that Grandstream IP phones have issues with call waiting dropping audio on one side, a bunch of people call in and break things pretty successfully. Note: this function is fixed with a firmware update that I can’t seem to download no matter what I do, so no call waiting for a while. I could be sorry, but I don’t think I’ll do that.
  • With a call from Josh comes some good news, some standard news, and a bunch of questions about SoundForge.
  • During the standard Mommy Call, the Icecast server completely flops over and dies. Derek calls in and alerts us to this fact, and we successfully revive it on air… or, at least, on archive, since there was no air at the time, fake or otherwise.
  • As a result of all that, let’s have the segmentation fault blues, some bluegrass, some jazz, and the end of a much shorter than usual show.

Thank goodness that’s over!

Things and Stuff for February 27, 2010

Well, here we go, ladies and gentlemen… My first show with a digital board. Never thought I’d do it, but here it is.

  • You can laugh along with me in your book. You’ll know it’s time to laugh when you hear something break… Derek did, anyway, and so did Bianca. Two first calls in one. Oh boy!
  • How about some more issues with call waiting, since I obviously forgot to turn that off last week.
  • Is it Utah, Alabama, or neither? Josh Owens has more information, discussion of city states, country cities, Quiet American, and old radio things. Seems to be a trend when he calls in for some reason… No, really?
  • In celebration of the new board existing in the studio, I dropped the first board used on the show, an old Behringer MX2642A 16-channel, 4-bus, now broken board down the basement stairs, and, of course, recorded it. Not as fun as it sounds, but you’ll have that.
  • After a call from Dan, where the new board is discussed at length, we have a sample of a not quite finished drum sound, brought to you by the processing of the board. It still needs work, but it’s something to have.
  • Uncle Meet, the Mommy Call, playing around with the PreSonus mixer’s onboard effects processor for a short time, and playing some keys with a bed in the background (ya know, to keep people from ripping things out…)
  • More beautifully restored Jazz from Count Bassy, followed by a vocoder, a phone call from Bryan (who is now a self-proclaimed jerk,) and an incredibly expensive way to sensor yourself on the air.
  • How about some Chinese Cajan Jambalaya? um… OK then! Thanks, Josh.
  • Some British guy recreated the Bladerunner theme using a Virus Access T virtual analog synthesizer, and we decided that was fun.
  • Canned music, FX Radio, filters, vocoders and issues round up this show, to the relief of most listeners, I’m sure.

All right, I’ve successfully paid my debt to society, or at least this tiny circle of it. I may post a review of this new board from the perspective of a blind wannabe sound tech at some point… or maybe not. For the most part, it’s easy to run with no vision, has very few menus, and the ones that do exist don’t wrap.
For now, I’ll end this thing, because it’s gotten to the point where typing for extended periods of time is becoming more and more painful. As I don’t particularly enjoy that feeling, I’ll run away, and attempt to be slightly productive. I have a few pending things to do, believe it or not, so I’d better do them. Enjoy all these shows, and I promise I won’t let them stockpile for a month anymore, if not for your sake, then at least mine, so I don’t have to type all this stuff up at once again.

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  1. dr_bangs says:

    Ahh, That’ll give me something to go through! BTW. What the hellfire is Robbie: as in Robbie check?

  2. dr_bangs says:

    Ahh, That’ll give me something to go through! BTW. What the hellfire is Robbie: as in Robbie check?

  3. dr_bangs says:

    Ahh, That’ll give me something to go through! BTW. What the hellfire is Robbie: as in Robbie check?

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