Things and Stuff for October 23, 2010

And now, it’s time for another free show! Is it worth what you pay for it?

This week’s archive does some of the following, and other stuff as well:

  • I have apparently graduated from having phone obsessed people calling the show to blind stoners, and the new “squeak of the week” is revealed, for what it’s worth.
  • LPC encoding/decoding in realtime. Yep, possible, and a bad idea.
  • Should I be bothered in future, I now have a new, inefficient, but effective way to answer the question “How was your week?”
  • Thanks to a conversation on TeamTalk with Andre almost two weeks ago, and a delay unit from the 1980’s that can truly loop infinitely with no degeneration, we have a bad loop that wasted electricity for a while… until I killed it on the air, of course.
  • Let’s look at two examples of mechanical music creation from the early 1900’s, a good example from a properly restored Hupfeld Orchestrion Phonoliszt-Violina from 1912, playing a piano and two real violins (or something that sounds pretty real, anyway,) all from a paper roll, and a… well… not so good one from a Model 33 Heinrich Voigt (Ruth & Son) concert organ, otherwise known as “the drunk carousel.”
  • I found something I want for Christmas… an acoustic bass guitar, with a twist. A clip of someone demonstrating it is provided for your convenience.
  • Pat Fleet BellSouth number disconnected messages do still exist around here. OH boy!
  • Let’s play a sequence of something I remember from high school theater, though the name escapes me, followed by some random stuff from a show rehearsal I recorded 8.5 years ago on minidisc, which contains the source of this stupid thing that would not go away, prompting me to record it very badly with a step sequencer. Buckets and tap dancing are included. How can you go wrong with that?
  • The rest of the show deteriorates into one of those famous calls from Alexander (Lisa?) Nelson, talk of various sequences, and bad things from my past, yet again, like always, some more…
  • Who knew Venison likes to tap dance?
  • That’s it for this week. Check back for something hopefully interesting soon.

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