Things and Stuff for November 20, 2010

I really do hate to bother you, but this week’s show archive is now available.
Nope, not really one of my better days, but it tried hard.
Here’s some of what it has to offer:

  • Starting out with clicks, issues, and a second take due to the stream client crashing multiple times (turns out this was the fault of the softphone I’m using, since the thrice-revived grandstream bt101 is having issues again,) the show doesn’t get much better.
  • November 19, 2005 was the fifth anniversary of a well-known show I did with Mary Ann in her Portland apartment, which involved, among other things, a drunk Mary Ann. She called in to inform the listeners that she was celebrating “not getting drunk by drinking gin.” Issues happen as a result.
  • Does anyone besides the show’s host set alarms for weird times of the day, I.E. 8:18, 6:34, or 8:27 AM, rather than, say, 6:30 or 9:15?
  • Due to some strange issues somewhere, a new accidental thing is created, known as 40 seconds with Venison. He gets 40 seconds to talk before his phone cuts him off, and eventually made my computer lock up hard, requiring a restart, though, naturally, he puts the blame on others.

Oh, other things happen as well, but the whole deal pretty well deteriorated about 27 minutes before it started. So, as always, listen at your own risk. I claim no responsibility for … *insert the rest of everyone’s standard disclaimer here, so I don’t have to actually write it out.*

In other news, my Digitech quad IV effects processor is having problems turning on. Once it’s on, it’s good, but power cycling it sometimes results in the thing not working, until it’s been left to sit around and click at you for a few minutes, as heard at the start of, and somewhere near the middle of the show. Anger management time happens now.

If things go as planned, PDAudio Realtime 20o10 (not 20o10.5, which should happen around this time of year, with myself and , will occur on Saturday, November 27. Stay tuned for more fun issues from that front.

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