Things and Stuff for December 4, 2010

Hello, and welcome to a two-week late post. Man, these last couple of weeks have sucked. I spent most of them in bed with what I’m pretty sure was strep throat. I had no voice for most of the time, and it all started on Saturday, December 4. I, of course, the bad person I am, went through with the show anyway, despite a fever, headache, and a slowly but surely dying voice, and this archive is the result.
Here’s what it did:

  • Starting the show off with issues is a normal thing. This time, we had phone issues, which lasted through half the show, and started with the standard first caller, who tried, and failed, to make them appear more interesting than they actually were in real life, you know, as opposed to fake life.
  • After playing a track from a digitally encoded LP, squished a bit much by accident by my processing, I mention that this is the first show done with my new Heil Sound PR30 large diaphragm dynamic microphone, obtained just before RealTime 20o10, because, you know, everyone needs to know what mics are being used in the studio at any given time.
  • The first snow of the season showed up, bringing two inches of the stuff down on us. I recorded a bit of that from the perspective of my outside streaming mics. This prompted a discussion about weathermen, and a bit regarding the weather (or lack thereof,) and the old “We have no power!” thing from 2002 is dragged up from the depths of the please die vault.
  • We are the beyond radio network. Your content will be added to our own… or something. Fake borg times.
  • In honor of the holiday season, we put Christmas through a trash compactor… Well, not really, but close enough.
  • It’s all the RIAA’s fault, apparently.
  • The weekly Mommy call results in a pointless discussion about calendars, and the point is moot, not mute.
  • We hear from Colt Ford, an interestingly bad country/rap artist thrown in our general direction by a listener.
  • It’s all the RIAA’s fault, part II, featuring a fake representative.
  • Alexander Nelson calls, talks about weird things for a while, then goes away. No point in going further in detail about that, I suppose.
  • After being party ready for a while, it’s time for weird things with effects and keyboards.

And, generally speaking, that’s about it, other than the other, non-mentioned stuff. I didn’t do a show last week, because of the bad sick times that started during the course of this one, and only just shoved off a couple of days ago. Let’s not do that again.

Stupid notes:
I uploaded this show from my iPhone 4 and it’s 3g connection at an average speed of 140 KBPS, faster than my cable upstream which tops out at around 90 KBPS (768 kbps up.) This makes me angry. While I have the option of paying for more upstream, it’s price gouging at it’s finest around here, with 10/1 mbps at $149, and 15/2 mbps at $349 a month. Can we say outch?
I enabled iPhone tethering for one month, so a car time could happen. This broke in every conceivable way, but it did give me an opportunity to play with it, anyway. The fact that it has more upstream available than I’m currently getting from my cable service, and nearly three times that of the local top residential Time Warner Cable teer, is, quite frankly, terrible. They need to step it up around here!
Anyway, back to the story… My billing cycle resets on the 18th of the month, so I uploaded this archive just before the cut-off to burn a bit more data, since I didn’t use all of it. It’s now well after midnight on the 18th, and it hasn’t automagically turned off my tethering. I wonder when this actually will take place. I’m tempted to just keep it connected until it doesn’t work anymore, but I probably can’t practically do that. Oh well.

Here we go. Let’s waste… about 5 KB of my wireless data by posting this. Oh man, that’s gonna hurt!

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