Things and Stuff for December 18, 2010

Well, here we are again, a day later, with another Things and Stuff archive for you to download. ‘Twas the show before Christmas, and some strange things happened. What? You want to know more? OK, fine!

  • For about a minute, we had a guest appearance in the studio from Steve, formerly of Blart Radio.
  • Derek calls to talk about the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the movie, and plays drums on a phone, as well as other stuff.
  • Ever tried to clean a fan on a laptop? We feel your pain. So does some random guy on Youtube, so he made a song about it.
  • A call from Jonathan results in talking about Over the Edge and other random things.
  • Just how sick was I over the last couple of weeks? Well, naturally, in my state of having a horribly messed up voice, I had to record a few things, including the 32 broken Borrises.
  • Alexander shows up. We talk about Over the Edge some more, and old, bad Christmas things I’ve done in the past. A couple of them are played.
  • Getting into the Christmas spirit a bit with some seasonable music, the Mommy call turns into a live, in-studio Mommy, and a bunch of other random crap rounds out the show, including the annual appearance from Sammy the Christmas Snake.

And, as per usual, that’s a done deal. Tune in next week for… huh… I’ve never done a show on Christmas day before. That could turn out interesting.

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