Things and Stuff for most of January, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. To be completely honest, just throwing links to show archives on my twitter page has been more welcoming than sitting down to write out descriptions of shows for the past few weeks. However, I know there are those who don’t follow Twitter, and thus, I suppose I’m being a bad, exclusive person. Certainly not a great idea when things are on such a small scale to begin with, but it happens.
I’ll fully admit that I’m lazy. However, it has also come to my attention that the podcast feed for my show has been broken for a while, so some of you may not have seen these things show up. Oh well, no matter. Here we are at the end of January, with a backlog of three archives to post about here. Isn’t that a great idea? No? Oh well…
Let’s do this thing in chronological order, so as to not break the series. Oh wait, this isn’t a series…

Things and Stuff for January 15, 2011

Here is another great example of why one should never try doing a show several minutes after waking up from a good early evening’s nap, with a large headache on top of that. Really, I don’t recommend it. Don’t do it.

  • After a rocky start, including the keyboard nearly dying, and continuously firing the “oh no” cart lots of times, things finally get under way, with a call from that generic Google voice person from last week, who we now know as Bill. Still not interesting. Sorry.
  • Derek calls in to display his displeasure at the substandard first call, brought to us by a technical difficulty preventing a more interesting one from showing up, like Derek’s interesting run-in with a southern girl who was looking for a

    guy with a car…

  • Sometimes, phones generate bad things, like people calling in from Skype, requesting things that are obviously bad. Don’t worry, we have better things to use for suitable substitutions.
  • Every episode of this show has a bit of geekery in it. This one is no exception. With a call from Kyle comes talk of amateur radio, various data transmission methods, and all sorts of stuff that would completely bore normal people. Good thing you’re not, right?
  • The weekly Mommy call is quite boring this time around, as Mom and I talk about some of the acoustic material I put up in the studio falling down due to obvious issues, Dexter still has a cute face, and… that’s about it. Nothing exciting at all, really.
  • More old telephone stuff shows up… like that’s never happened before… This time, we have an old broadcast featuring Pat Fleet and Jane Barby, as well as someone’s video from inside an old crossbar telephone exchange in the UK, and a very clean recording from a switch in the 251 area code.
  • More keyboard badness, followed by me totally screwing up my routing matrix when attempting to play with my mixer’s on-board effects, and ending up in the wrong section of the interface entirely. I managed to route the SP/DIF output on the console to the phone send, which really broke things. Naturally, I compensated for it… Post-production is fun! This was followed by a broken song, and more bad things with keyboards and effects processors.
  • Another annoying phone call, followed by more geekery, in which I explain a new audio processing stack for the input of my node on GlobalTuners, succeeded by a phone call from Jayson Smith, which lasted far too long for everyone’s own good.

‘Are we done yet?’ Nope. Two more issue boxes to go through, I’m afraid.

Things and Stuff for January 22, 2011

  • In place of the normal Things and Stuff everyone has come to expect, we have communist content from Cuba from a cheap Sony world band radio instead… for a while, anyway.
  • Alexander, this week’s non-communist first phone call, reports his non-communist activities, as well as a bunch of other stuff, including the previously introduced 20o10 award, and those bad old Radio Shack sound effects generators from the mid 90’s.
  • Discussion of those old Radio Shack 8-bit noise boxes prompted a call from Jayson Smith, in which more bad things from the 80’s and 90’s were brought up, including the almost universally hated talking clocks that go “BONG!” Microwaves are fun for those. However, out of spite, I decided to feature clips from one in the first track of the show.
  • The entire city, not province, of Edmonton, decides to call about communist things, including USSR radio jamming, and all kinds of other fun unrelated rambling things.
  • Let’s laugh at the jailers I live with, who now quite frequently forget to pay their cable bill, thus losing internet access. Surprisingly, or not, Monty, the bandwidth guy, has things to say about that. Mom defends herself and her actions.
  • What would TBRN sound like on shortwave? This question is partially answered, but not really.
  • Arfy tries to call in from Australia, but his net connection keeps breaking the call after only a few seconds. Monty calls in to laugh at Arfy’s misfortune, but unfortunately can’t make a good case for himself, as his own phone service is having issues at the time. Wah ha ha! I am a fan of irony!
  • Let’s tune around the shortwave band, play some rather odd tracks, then turn the radio back on to see what both shortwave and the FM broadcast band are up to, as well as doing bad things with interference from multiple electronic devices in and around the studio.
  • Jayson Smith is looking for a recording that looped on several TV stations before their analog feeds were terminated. Couldn’t find it, but other bad things happened anyway.

‘Is the torture over yet?’ Nope. Sorry. Just this last one, and you can go to sleep. I promise this one’s more interesting.

Things and Stuff for January 29, 2011

  • Starting out the show with… issues? Apparently, someone came in behind my back, and messed about with the equipment, deciding that phones and microphones were better off on single sideband, and had some fun with my network-controlled open-reel deck… Ya know, the one that plays music…
  • Time to pick on Canada again. I always enjoy doing that.
  • Lino, who hasn’t called into the show in about two years, decided that doing so again was a good idea. Why? Don’t know. I also accidentally changed oracles during that phone call.
  • I hate nose stubbers. I also hate it when I forget about noses altogether. So, something must be done about this.
  • Let’s talk about chainsaws. I like those, too.
  • Let’s also talk about portable digital recorders, as someone with a crappy recorder called in for microphone recommendations for a substandard pile of crap.
  • This week’s Mommy call is brought to us by a local routing configuration change, making it sound better than ever, and giving us a chance to pick on Mom’s southern accent even more than usual.
  • Crestin, Iowa is a great place to be, especially if you’re behind the times. We find out why, thanks to Beck.
  • Time for even more phone recordings, followed by a call from Kyle, with fun discussions, such as how to hack your way into heaven, and more.
  • I might as well incriminate myself with “the carbon microphone song,” made in 2008 with a portable four-track recorder,
    and, of course, a carbon microphone.
  • Someone sent us a couple of rendered tracks of game stuff, originally arranged for the Roland MT32 module, remixed and
    ported over to more modern sounding Roland stuff. Hear the difference!
  • More keyboard badness, this time featuring an improv, which I simply call Corporations.

‘Are we done?’ Well, almost. Now, let’s just throw a few links at you:
If you’re interested in any of the preceding crap, feel free to download the January 15, January 22, or January 29 from their respective links. Enjoy, or not. Also, remind me not to backlog like this again.

By the way, since last I wrote here, I purchased a new domain, I plan on putting on the auction block, and transferring the blog to wordpress. One of these days, I will actually get around to doing all that stuff. Then again, maybe not. Who knows?

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