Things and Stuff for February 12, 2011

This week’s Things and Stuff is now ready for baking.
This episode features an intro change, as well as a remote co-host, dgl1984, brought to us by the latest version of Fideliphone, a rather awesome free low latency full duplex audio streaming thingy.
Think of it as kind of a mini-realtime, only not, since it was split-studio. The latency and performance of Fideliphone is such, however, that it almost seemed like a real one… sort of.

Except for a couple of stupid technical issues with the phone (I still hate softphones,) this was a rather fun show, featuring things such as the first “ask Mommy” segment, wherein listeners are invited to ask questions of my very strange mother, and a realtime demonstration of packet data streaming from a pass of the international space station. We managed to waste the rest of the time with other pointless things as well, including fun clips from a trip to West Virginia, confusing Monty, and other random stuff.

This concept of having a co-host via Fideliphone is most likely a one-off, and was totally unplanned, which worked out fine, since I had nothing planned for the show anyway. No, please don’t all be shocked at once, or anything like that. Feel free to enjoy, or not, depending on how it strikes your fancy.

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