A test of my new home

Good evening from the desk of Borris. Yes, it really is the desk of Borris this time, unlike usual. I’m actually sitting here typing on my relatively new MacBook Pro, rather than being the standard lazy person with a netbook.

The point of this post is to do things:

  • Get used to posting stuff from the mac
  • get used to wordpress in general

As I posted on my live journal earlier today, I have made the switch to wordpress for the blog, and maybe other fun things in future. I’ve been meaning to switch for a while, and certain events have finally prompted me to do something about it. This year seems to be one for playing with new technology, at least for me. Of course, I bought my Mac in February, so I’m learning an entirely new computing environment. I’ve started editing things with Reaper, mostly for the SeroTalk Podcast, and I’m really enjoying the flexibility offered by multi-track non-destructive linear editing. No, I won’t be throwing SoundForge away by any means, as there will always be need for the services of such an editor, but it is augmented with fun things provided by Reaper. Yes, Sonar, which I’ve had for a while, can do all the same stuff, but it’s a bit clunky, and I never really became comfortable enough with straight-forward, simple processes.
Also, Time Warner Cable is finally going to give us some decent bandwidth this year, maxing out at 50mb down by 5mb up. Sure, it’s still a ten-to-one ratio, but at least speeds will be reasonable, something we haven’t really had around here since about ten years ago. Note that we haven’t really progressed in ten years, while almost everyone else in the country has. Oh well, it happens. Good times indeed.

Now, as I don’t really have much to say of consequence, I’ll press the big scary post button, and watch things hopefully not break too badly, given that this post is, as I mentioned earlier, being brought to you by two relatively unfamiliar platforms. By the way, this post contains 347 words, according to wordpress. I happen to think something is lying though, as it isn’t always increasing as I type. Does it really matter? Probably not.

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