Things and Stuff (A.K.A. Macs and Stuff) for March 19, 2011

Coming to you live from the Hyatt, otherwise known as my second home, it’s another archive!
This is the first show I’ve ever done both without a mixing board, and in the domain of Mac OSX, using a combination of LadioCast, Garage Band, Soundflower, and Audio Hijack, all streamed through my iPhone’s 3g connection, which, sadly, is much better than that provided by the hotel, as we found out back in November of 2009. Enough virtualization for you? Yeah, me too. I was going to stream under Windows 7 using Reaper as a virtual mixer, but that all fell apart, so I figured hey, why not give myself a challenge?

Some issues existed, like, for example, the fact that Robby kept trying to invade the show, and twelve-year-old kids really should go to bed, .
And, as such things go, Melanie was there to make things more amusing/interesting than they might have been otherwise.

From a technical standpoint, not too many bad things happened, especially considering it could have been much worse under the circumstances. The audio is a little sizzly on the high-end. Of course, I didn’t hear that on the monitor while it was happening. Such is life. I did compensate a little for that.

There were some things I wanted to do that were either not possible, or which never came up due to us both being thoroughly distracted. Again, such is life.

Just remember, this is a proof-of-concept more than anything else. Take it as how it is presented, or something. Back to being standard, or, as standard as we let it become next week.

IN the meantime, there’s alcohol over here that demands attention.

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