Things and Stuff for March 26, 2011

Another month is over, according to the TAS calendar. Oh boy.
As a result, this week’s show is now available for download. ‘Why bother?’ Good question. Here’s some of the stuff you’ll miss if you don’t.

  • The first call from Derek ended up basically being the extended “how was your week,” followed by us talking about Derek’s up-coming trip to Florida, and things we may or may not buy, and some of my recent purchases, including a Focusrite sound interface for my laptop, which I can’t use yet.
  • Monty tries to call in using sip over 3g, but it just doesn’t cut it. Sorry, try again.
  • Someone thought it was a great idea to knock over a bunch of books and DVDs in a library, and shared this with us all. Unfortunately, fun noises were not included.
  • Inspired by a conversation on Twitter, I decided to play with a couple of software vocoders in real time, these being ReaVocode (included with Reaper,) and the free MDA Vocoder VST. These made regular appearances throughout the rest of the show, just because it was something to do at the time.
  • Let’s talk about the lovely *spring?* weather North Carolina is experiencing. After several warm days in the mid to upper 80’s, parts of the state are now finding themselves the proud recipients of sleet and snow.
  • This week’s Mommy call reveals the fact that she now owns an iPhone, and is confused as to it’s general use. She also likes watching movies about Queen Victoria, apparently.
  • Monty attempts to call using g.722 technology, which breaks horribly. Sounded really nice for about 0.6 seconds, though. Get some wifi and try again.
  • Falling acoustic panels and a call from Venison makes us complain about the broken state of various tape decks in the studio.
  • After another call from Monty, this time from a landline, I found the instrumental version of a track I recorded with my sister-in-law five years ago, pulled up a vocoder, and made a song about a crappy bass guitar that wouldn’t stay in tune. Yes, very intelligent.
  • Derek calls in with a reasonable carbon phone emulator, and things get really stupid for a few minutes.
  • Another call from Monty brings up the point that American content and ideas are unavoidable, and a discussion about Cuba and China exists.
  • The rest of the show deals with songs that sound far too similar for their own good, with calls from Derek and Drew.

As I said before, that’s it for another month. BTW, this archive was once again uploaded from my iPhone at twice the speed of my cable upstream. Still annoyed about that. It Peaked at 152 KB/sec. Cable does about 89. Blah, whatever.

I’m being visited by a massive headache, which also annoys me. So, until next time, bye bye.

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