Things and Stuff for April 9, 2011, the last one for a while

Well, here we are again, with this week’s rather unusual show. ‘What’s so unusual about it, given that most shows are considerably strange by default?’ Well, this one was pre-recorded, something I never thought I would do. That’s right, for the first, and probably last time, I did a full, pre-recorded show, with the help of 18 copies of myself. ‘Why bother with all that?’
After the fiasco that was last week’s attempt at a show, I decided to make a point, and I think I’ve succeeded, with some stupid and interesting things along the way.
‘What might those be?’ Well, as these things seem to go lately, it is best experienced, not described. So, have a little download, and see for yourself what happens when 19 instances of myself get together, and try to make stuff happen.

Over the last 6.25 years, I’ve really enjoyed doing this stupid thing that some might call a show, otherwise known as Things and Stuff. It’s really become a part of my routine, and the few weeks I’ve missed streaming on Saturday night for one reason or another since 2005 (which has probably happened less than 20 times over the period, I always felt kind of strange, leading me to ask the question “So, what did I used to do on Saturday nights before Things and Stuff?” I guess that sort of thing happens when you get used to doing something with such regularity.

However, when stupid people take away my enjoyment of the thing itself, there is really no reason to go on. And, while I’m not one to let a couple of little things take me down, a large build-up of smaller events leads me to have no tolerance for outright stupidity. I have no problem with educated pointlessness, however, as this is quite a different situation entirely, and, in fact, is the main premise of Things and Stuff as a whole. So, as of now, Things and Stuff is dead until further notice.
However, I couldn’t just leave things hanging, and needed a bit of closure myself.

Last week’s attempt at a show, which only lasted 45 minutes, constantly interrupted by immature prepubescent jerks with some technology at their disposal, is proof that I need a change. Whether this means killing the show altogether, changing it up, or something entirely different remains to be seen, but at this point, I can safely say that this situation is no longer working for me.

I think it’s also safe to say that, with a few exceptions, I am quite a different person from the bored, lonely not quite adult who started this thing in January 2005 as a one-off, which decided to keep going. It was originally supposed to air on Saturday morning for one day only, but I slept through it, and successfully made it work twelve hours later the same day, then just couldn’t be bothered to stop after that.

Through the show, TBRN, and some other related things, I have met some amazing people, some of whom are amazing in the true, life-changing sense, others who are just amazingly… well, let’s not go into that discussion on this particular forum, or any other, for that matter. I really don’t have the energy to put forth at this point, at least as it relates to this topic.

To those who have been around, I’d like to thank you for your support over the last few years, and what has turned out to be a combination scratch pad/idea bin, as well as my slow, subtle change from a boy to… um… an older one with a slightly less basic understanding of the world in general. I will continue this when I am ready. Until then, 73 de Things and Stuff. May your light bulbs shine brightly, waste electricity, and increase your over-all carbon footprint.

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