the re-re-return of FX Radio

For those who have been following the pointlessness that I seem to enjoy bringing to the world over the past few years, you’ll know doubt recall the FX Radio project, which was an idea that Derek and I had in the summer of 2005. Basically, the premise is simply to have three independent media players all playing from a huge collection of sound effects completely at random, mix them all together, and let your imagination run wild.
This was originally done as a one-off in August 2005, and I decided to make it a permanent bandwidth/power-wasting feature of my life a couple of months later. It’s come and gone over the past nearly six years, and had a pretty good run up until October 2010 when I had to pull it due to bandwidth concerns. Now, it’s been completely redesigned (well, the processing, streaming and playing part of it, anyway,) though it’s mostly still what you’d expect from the original concept, with many more things added to the library since the last time it functioned properly. The “SHOUTBOX!” has also been improved for maximum intelligibility, I.E. it ducks everything else down a few DB, and includes an autopan and reverb, just because I was bored.

If you’re all curious, and feel like experiencing this totally dumb idea for yourself, here’s what to do:
click here or point your media player to to listen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

For added stupidity, you can call +1(360)515-4554. Or, if you’d rather do it the geeky way, you can use the sip address

I have more ideas that may or may not be implemented at some point soon, because, you know, it’s such a great way to waste time, energy, and learn stuff. Really, if you’re going to do something totally unproductive, make it worthwhile, or something. Right?

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