PDAudio Realtime 2011

Well, here we are again, ladies and gentlemen. Late June, hot times, thunderstorms, and PDAudio Realtime… Well, yeah, we just had to go and break it, didn’t we?

Last Thursday evening, Derek showed up at my place for a while, which is rather unusual in and of itself, since these things usually happen on Friday, and in the morning. The following Saturday, June 25, 2011, we streamed PDAudio Realtime 2011, which was just over five hours long. It had been almost three months since I took to the fake airwaves prior to this stream, about the same length of time as it’s been since I’ve written on this virtual paper, and I used a different routing configuration than normal to combat some issues found with dynamics processing on the master bus of my Presonus StudioLive 16-4-2 mixer, which created their own issues. We also decided at the last minute to use a pair of dynamic microphones rather than the traditional condensers, breaking the “condenser only” trend which had been going on since 2004. In this case we used a set of Sennheiser E835 cardioids. I bought one of these mics a few weeks ago, decided it wasn’t a waste of money, and we found another for a reasonable price at the local music-go-round, which Derek bought for his own personal use. So, why not?

‘So, enough about the technology. What did the stream actually do?’
To at least partially answer that question, here is a portion of the related entry from Derek’s blog.
“Will we find ourselves scanning the virtual radio dial to pull in unheard content from AM Talk 0? Will the PDAudio band exist? What about you, the possible listener. What will you do to cause or affect events as they play out?”
Most of these things did, in fact, happen, as well as some other stuff. Yeah, typical us, no proper notes. That’s how it goes.

For those with a lot of spare time, the archive for Realtime 2011 can be downloaded over there, all 5 hours and 21 seconds of it. Never heard of AM Talk 0? No problem! You can find out what it does throughout the course of the show. You also get to hear an attempted suicide, except not, and we talk to someone who has apparently died multiple times, and lives to tell about it today.
Fun with outtakes and studio slates, phone calls from strange people, and other things round it up.
If any of this interests you, check out the above link. If not, we don’t really blame you or anything.

I would like to take this time to apologize for a few things:

  • The sound of the archive due to occasional bad mixing on my part, including accidental obsession with reverb,
  • the general pointless nature of the thing as a whole,
  • and the wasted time you’ll never get back.

That should cover it, I think. Enjoy, or don’t.

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