Announcing the half-way re-launch of FX Radio

If you’re a long-time follower of the stupid things I’ve done over the past few years, you may remember a project I started in August 2005 called FX Radio. The idea was simple — take a huge collection of sound effects, have three media players playing everything available in this massive library, stream it all to the interwebs, and see what happens.
This is a project that has existed on and off since it’s original conception. Due to a bunch of stuff going on in my life, plus the death of the dedicated low-budget machine I built in 2007 to run the project, it’s been silent for about 1.5 years… until now.
That’s right, FX Radio lives again, with more features and dumb noises than ever before!

Have you ever found yourself in an airplane being flown by a sheep? Have you or someone you know ever been involved in an accident with a laundry machine and a flock of geese? Were you looking for a place to hang your clock in the middle of your swimming pool, but unsure where to turn for help?
No problem! FX Radio is here for you!
Simply click here to listen to FX Radio in your favorite media player, and let the world involve itself in trivial matters, while bad things happen to you.
For even more fun, you can add your voice to the mix by calling +1(360)469-0568 in the United States to reach the FX Radio SHOUTBox, to obtain your own 90 seconds of fame. For the geeks, you can place a sip call to

So, you may be asking yourself why this is only a half-way re-launch. Well, it’s simple. I’m currently too busy/otherwise unmotivated to build a dedicated website with web player for FX Radio, although I intend to do that in the next few weeks. So, for now, I’ve taken the lazy man’s approach, and put it out there anyway. I also plan to add a second channel (for those who might be bored with what’s going on with the current stream,) and more interesting features as I think of them. For now, enjoy what does exist, and look forward to even more stupidity from an old HP Nara3 in my basement.

Thanks to Andre Louis and Jakob Rosin for helping me beta test things over the last couple of weeks, as well as managing some of the random content you might hear every 21 minutes and 17 seconds (yes, I do have a reason for using that exact number.)

Update, 03/08/2013
I’m now writing from New York City. Something fell over and died pretty hard shortly after I left for NYC on March 04, 2013, and I don’t have full remote access to the machine running FX Radio, so this project is currently dead for an indefinite amount of time. I don’t know when I’ll be back home, but I will try to get it up and running from here. However, no promises that this will happen. It may be silent again until at least mid April, if not longer. Sorry to get your hopes up only to dash them again.

Another update, 03/10/2013:
I managed to get FX Radio up and running again, for the most part, with lots of virtual duct tape. Things aren’t quite how I’d like them to be, but further tweaking will happen when I get back home from NYC, as doing what I want from here isn’t very practical. In the mean time, it does at least work.

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