Bandwidth day: Things and Stuff wastes even more bandwidth than usual

On this day in 2000, I got my first broadband installation. To celebrate, this month’s Things and Stuff will be wasting even more bandwidth than usual. Last year, I streamed using ogg flac, as well as ogg vorbis. This year, I’ll be providing not one, not two, but three lossless ogg flac streams, all with different mixes of the show, as well as the standard lossy version. You get the standard show mix, another mix with only the music and no talking, phone calls, etc. and another submix with only talking, not including music or any other processing. You can get the playlist containing links to all the lossless streams in the order written above. As Things and Stuff starts at 10:00 PM EST, the streams won’t work until this time, or possibly a little after, since I apparently enjoy being late. If you tune in before the show, you might hear interesting things. Then again, you may not.

To listen to any of these three streams, you will need a player that supports ogg flac playback, such as VLC or Foobar2000. This may or may not work inside some browsers, such as chrome. If you don’t have such a player, you can still tune in to TBRN’s normal ogg stream.
Let’s all waste some bandwidth today!

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