the other PdAudio

I’ve known about this for quite a while, but forgot about it for some reason.

Earlier today, while very bored, perhaps even more so than usual, I decided to do a whois on and, just to see the registration info. No, I’m not in the market for a new domain or anything; I’ve already got two perfectly nice ones. I was, as I said, just plain bored. was already taken in 2001 when I originally went domain shopping, which is why I ended up instead. Ah well, it sounds better anyway.
However, was still available at the time.
Now, it’s registered to Len Moskowitz of CoreSound, promoting their registered trademark PDAudio product, a high-end recording interface for pocket PC.

I can’t help but think that little ol’ me, with no real life or financial resources to speak of, was at least semi-responsible for the fact that Len Moskowitz, who has loads more of a life than I do, and obviously makes a lot more money, had to get instead of .com or .net.
I’m sure .com would have been preferable to .net, but in any case…
I wonder if he got bored enough to go to the original, or at least secondary (it was there first in either case) to see how boring it was?

Another semi-interesting thing was the list of alternative available domains, should I have actually wanted to register one.
As an alternative to any variant of PdAudio, it came up with the following:


Out of all those, was the closest to being relative, but… PdSound? The fake company with a real audio? Nah, I don’t think that would have worked out very well. Real Audio sucks, anyway.
And, where did it get CCMI from, and why would I have wanted it?

Yesterday, as I said I would, I ordered a set of binaural mics from Wizzzoelliam corp, as well as a giant monkey battery box, including a right-angle plug and a locking power switch. I’ve always liked the design of the squid battery boxes, and I don’t really feel like ripping my existing ones apart to use it’s battery box, not that it would be terribly hard to do; I just don’t want to. So nya!
And besides, this one will have a much nicer power switch than the one that I put on my current squid box.
There are other cheaper straight battery buxes around, but a lot of them seem to be plastic and boring. Nah, I like aluminum better, thanks.

According to Will, the mics should arrive from Australia in about a week, so I’ll definitely keep you all up to date about that, just because, after all, it’s something to do. Now, the opinion of some that it may not be something worth doing, in this case, is irrelevant.

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  1. zzzoe says:

    I’m actually rather looking forward to hearing some of the test recordings you and Andre do with these mics, as well as gaining your opinion on them.
    7 to 10 days the post said – so in my opinion they should be there in under 2 weeks.

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