Welcome to fake job!

I’m writing from Fake Job, just beccause I can. Bryan finally came back, and he’s scaring me. He keeps closing my laptop lid and it’s annoying. Make him stop! Cry?

I’m not really doing much, because the mcahine I was sort of working on decided to fry it’s own processor for no apparent reason. Stupid Dell! Oh well… Bryan’s working on a weird old HP vecter that sucks loads.

Anyway, sorry I haven’t written for almost a week, but there hasn’t been much to write about.
The thing on Tuesday went pretty well, and I met some of my old, not-so-blah teachers from school. This was actually somewhat enjoyable, I was surprised.
As far as the other stuff, all I have to say is encompitant people are the lose.

I got yet another locked phone… I will yell many times at this guy.
He’s really got me a bit annoyed now.

Things and stuff will be going on as scheduled, so look out for that, not that it’s worth it or anything.

OK, well I’ve got to pretend to be productive now, so later if there’s a point.

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