Random useless PDAudio trivia of the day

Did you know that Patrick’s mic preamps have been mounted up-side-down in a rack for almost a year? Well, Patrick didn’t either, until about ten minutes ago.

I ordered a Cad m179 microphone yesterday, which draws 8 MA of power at either 24 or 48 volts. The mics I have now only draw 3 MA, and most budget mic preamps, I.E. the ones I have, don’t usually put out enough power to drive these babies properly.
So, in order to determine if I could use this mic straight, or if I’ll need to get a dedicated power supply for it, I got my Dad to look at the preamp with a meter, which didn’t work out because one of the probes is broke. But, in passing, he asked “Why are these thangs mounted up-side-down?” to which I replied “They are?” to which he said “Well, if they ain’t, the writin’ on’em is. Where it says ‘BlueTube’ and ‘channel-1′ and stuff is all wrong.”
These mic preamps are rather simetrically designed, and so, although I’ve had them mounted up-side-down for almost a year, I had absolutely no idea.
Boy, don’t you just love being blind sometimes?

Today, I learned, after owning my Digitech Studio Quad IV for a little over five years, how to use the mod matrix, which allows you to chain effects parameters to one of two LFO’s, dynamic levels, or any midi controller from 0 to 127. Why so long? Well, I’ve learned every other aspect of this unit a long time ago, but never got anyone to help me figure out the mod matrix. It’s the only part of the Quad that has a wrapping screen. However, there’s a pretty easy workaround for it, which I didn’t know about until I found it, quite by accident. What fun!
Imagine a reverb preset that doesn’t show up at all until things get really loud, or a delay that randomly changes it’s time. Or, how about an algorithm that slows the sound down with a push of the mod wheel on your keyboard? Well, I’ve figured out how to do all these stupid things and much, much more? Er, yeah.
As a result, I’ve been playing around with things, and re-discovering what fun, pointless things can be done with an effects unit, not that I never did this before, or anything.

Also, the Guilford County school system got it’s first snow day of the season today, as we had both snow and freezing rain. This, of course, did me no good, considering that I’m not in school anymore. I used to love snow days, but now I find them quite blah, since I get stuck with my brother for more time than is technically necessary, seeing as he’s still in school. Oh well.
Speaking of school in general, I’m really quite glad I graduated when I did, because now the school system has imposed lots of really odd things that simply didn’t exist when I went to school that, fortunately, I will never have to deal with. Ha, ha!

Did you know that the word “loggy” is in the dictionary?
Well, it actually references the word “logy”, which has the following definition(s):

Logy: adjective
lacking physical or mental energy or vitality; sluggish; dull; lethargic.
[Origin: 1840–50, Americanism; perh. < D log heavy, cumbersome + -y 1 —Related forms lo·gi·ly, adverb lo·gi·ness, noun lo·gy (lo’ge) adj. lo·gi·er, lo·gi·est Characterized by lethargy; sluggish. [Perhaps from Dutch log, heavy or variant of English loggy, heavy, sluggish, from log1.] logy adjective stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion) [syn: dazed] logy suff. = Science; theory; study: dermatology. And, if you have a Franklin Language master 6000SE, you can look up the word “loggy” and get esentially the same result. Isn’t that cute? I certainly think it is. For a nice, internal reference, I think gol more closely resembles the proper definition of log more than log itself does. Confused? Good! I’m leaving!

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