Stupid Chinese batteries

While on Ebay, looking for a higher capacity battery for my Acer Aspire One, I came across several 7200 MA 9-cell batteries. Officially, the best batteries sold by Acer for the Aspire One series netbooks, as far as I can tell, are 6-cell 4400 MA batteries.
Of course, these long-lasting, most likely fat, bulky and large 9-cell batteries are made in China, and I am naturally scared of them, given the tendency of Chinese batteries to have explosions of the non-romantic variety, especially extended batteries, in which more cells are crammed into very little space. Last week, a Chinese man was killed by an exploding cell phone battery, which was, of course, made in China. Apparently, that was the seventh high profile case of death by phone battery in the People’s Republic.

Although I don’t have any direct experience, I’ve heard plenty of bad stuff about Chinese batteries over the years, and, while I’d really like to get the most out of my netbook, I’m a little bit scared of these things.
Ads like this don’t do much to ease my mind about them, either:

“Guarantee Quality! Brand New! Factory Package! Fast Shipping!

A high quality battery has stable outcome and good endurance. It does not only provide a stable working environment, but also enhances the mobility of the laptop. “Inferior” batteries, not only short-lived, and even extremely vulnerable to overheating, fire phenomenon, which eventually leads to the explosion of the entire notebook, burning, and even greater disaster and loss. Our batteries are in high grade quality and certified by CE and RoHS. You can reassure of purchasing it!”

Hmm, I can reassure of purchasing it? does that mean I should buy one, and then tell myself over and over again that, yes, I did indeed purchase this product? Actually, come to think of it, it doesn’t say who should be reassured. Should I contact the seller and say “Hey, guess what? I just bought this battery! Just thought you should know, just in case you didn’t notice the fact that you’ve received money, and have in fact shipped the product to me. Oh, by the way, I’m using said product now, but I was told to ‘reassure of purchasing it’, and as the instructions weren’t strict enough to direct me to the proper party to be reassured, I thought I’d cover all the bases. So, I’ve told myself over and over again that I bought your battery, and now I’m making sure you are aware as well. Congratulations, you have now been successfully reassured!”

That bit about “explosion of the entire notebook, burning, and even greater disaster and loss” doesn’t sound terribly promising either, and it would seem as if the marketing for this particular battery has already been well acquainted with some issues.

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2 Responses to Stupid Chinese batteries

  1. arinoch says:

    Reading that ad kinda makes me think “buy our batteries, or your netbook will die a firy death. And so might you.” At which point, I’d *probably* suggest you might want to avoid dealing with the Chinese mafia.

  2. dr_bangs says:

    Go into youtube and type in a search for “exploding laptop battery” and enjoy the first result!


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