the DieSL show, or the dumbest thing I’ve done this week

As many who hang around some of these pages will know by now, TBRN is having it’s forth semi-annual broadcastathon, where the idea is basically to get as many live shows in a row until we run out of steam. I think the last one made it to 108 hours of consecutive live content.

Not to be boring, I’ve done something no one on the network, or perhaps any other internet radio station has ever done before, on each broadcastathon in which I have participated.

In August of 2007, I did a show live from a bathtub, including messages and phone calls while under water, which I am linking here yet again, though it is against my better judgment.
In June of 2008, I streamed from outside with a set of Cad M179 microphones on the fake jecklin disk on the back yard swing, until my laptop battery died. This ended up being rather incriminating as well, but for different reasons, obviously.
This year, I did something that tops them all for stupidity, at least in my opinion.

For several weeks now, I’ve been meaning to move my e-mail over to the new Linode VPS, and cancel my Speakeasy DSL, since I now have RR business class cable.
As of this morning, PDAudio’s mail is happily being hosted by the Linode, and this afternoon, while streaming from said DSL connection, it was canceled live on the air.
Yep, that’s right… After four years of faithfully providing Things and Stuff to several people around the world, Speakeasy will speak no more.

The idea was to stream from the DSL connection, cancel the account while streaming, and see how long it took for Speakeasy to cut my line off.
However, I was distracted by some interesting phone calls and messages, and by the time the connection was actually cut, it was already time for the next show on the network to air. Fortunately, Icecast is fun, and allows multiple streams on one server, so I just moved over to a different mountpointt at 4:00 PM, in order to finish what I started.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was sad enough to do this, and it was, in the long run, a success. The DSL was disconnected at around 4:13 PM, and it’s last action was to stream to TBRN. It died heroically in the line of duty, and all that crap.

Sure, it was a prime example of someone with far too much time and too little to do, but that’s my life lately.
You can get your own copy of the DieSL show if you want. The name was suggested by freakyfwoof near the end of the show, and it just sort of worked. There will, however, be no more DieSL shows in future. That’s a one-off. I will not be activating more DSL connections just to kill them again on an internet radio station, because that would be a wonderfully bad idea, not to mention a phenomenal waste of resources. We know people that embody those concepts quite well, don’t we?

I fell asleep before posting this yesterday, so here, have an early Saturday morning post.

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  1. rdfreak says:

    as I write this, I am downloading the bath time eppisode, cos I didn’t catch that one and it sounds like it could be amusing! :)
    you do crack me up Borris; in a good way though, no fear! Lol :)

  2. arinoch says:

    WordPress and Droople are okay, but moveable type owns your soul.

    PS: Do not make me call in tomorrow. I will kill you. Or somesuch.

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