Things and Stuff for December 4, 2010

Hello, and welcome to a two-week late post. Man, these last couple of weeks have sucked. I spent most of them in bed with what I’m pretty sure was strep throat. I had no voice for most of the time, and it all started on Saturday, December 4. I, of course, the bad person I am, went through with the show anyway, despite a fever, headache, and a slowly but surely dying voice, and this archive is the result.
Here’s what it did:

  • Starting the show off with issues is a normal thing. This time, we had phone issues, which lasted through half the show, and started with the standard first caller, who tried, and failed, to make them appear more interesting than they actually were in real life, you know, as opposed to fake life.
  • After playing a track from a digitally encoded LP, squished a bit much by accident by my processing, I mention that this is the first show done with my new Heil Sound PR30 large diaphragm dynamic microphone, obtained just before RealTime 20o10, because, you know, everyone needs to know what mics are being used in the studio at any given time.
  • The first snow of the season showed up, bringing two inches of the stuff down on us. I recorded a bit of that from the perspective of my outside streaming mics. This prompted a discussion about weathermen, and a bit regarding the weather (or lack thereof,) and the old “We have no power!” thing from 2002 is dragged up from the depths of the please die vault.
  • We are the beyond radio network. Your content will be added to our own… or something. Fake borg times.
  • In honor of the holiday season, we put Christmas through a trash compactor… Well, not really, but close enough.
  • It’s all the RIAA’s fault, apparently.
  • The weekly Mommy call results in a pointless discussion about calendars, and the point is moot, not mute.
  • We hear from Colt Ford, an interestingly bad country/rap artist thrown in our general direction by a listener.
  • It’s all the RIAA’s fault, part II, featuring a fake representative.
  • Alexander Nelson calls, talks about weird things for a while, then goes away. No point in going further in detail about that, I suppose.
  • After being party ready for a while, it’s time for weird things with effects and keyboards.

And, generally speaking, that’s about it, other than the other, non-mentioned stuff. I didn’t do a show last week, because of the bad sick times that started during the course of this one, and only just shoved off a couple of days ago. Let’s not do that again.

Stupid notes:
I uploaded this show from my iPhone 4 and it’s 3g connection at an average speed of 140 KBPS, faster than my cable upstream which tops out at around 90 KBPS (768 kbps up.) This makes me angry. While I have the option of paying for more upstream, it’s price gouging at it’s finest around here, with 10/1 mbps at $149, and 15/2 mbps at $349 a month. Can we say outch?
I enabled iPhone tethering for one month, so a car time could happen. This broke in every conceivable way, but it did give me an opportunity to play with it, anyway. The fact that it has more upstream available than I’m currently getting from my cable service, and nearly three times that of the local top residential Time Warner Cable teer, is, quite frankly, terrible. They need to step it up around here!
Anyway, back to the story… My billing cycle resets on the 18th of the month, so I uploaded this archive just before the cut-off to burn a bit more data, since I didn’t use all of it. It’s now well after midnight on the 18th, and it hasn’t automagically turned off my tethering. I wonder when this actually will take place. I’m tempted to just keep it connected until it doesn’t work anymore, but I probably can’t practically do that. Oh well.

Here we go. Let’s waste… about 5 KB of my wireless data by posting this. Oh man, that’s gonna hurt!

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PDAudio Realtime 20o10

Although PDAudio Realtime 20o10 happened on Saturday, November 27, 20o10 from my place, and the archive has actually been available for a while, though not officially linked anywhere except for one Twitter post, reminding me yet again that really needs a working website, I’m throwing it out here for general reference.

This was a rather strange show, in which Derek’s voice was very broken as a result of issues the day before. We experimented with many odd concepts and effect combinations, came up with a few ideas, and generally wasted 4 hours, 3 minutes, and 28 seconds of time. For more info, feel free to download PDAudio RealTime 20o10. Go on, waste 218MB of disk space, you know you want to!

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Things and Stuff for November 20, 2010

I really do hate to bother you, but this week’s show archive is now available.
Nope, not really one of my better days, but it tried hard.
Here’s some of what it has to offer:

  • Starting out with clicks, issues, and a second take due to the stream client crashing multiple times (turns out this was the fault of the softphone I’m using, since the thrice-revived grandstream bt101 is having issues again,) the show doesn’t get much better.
  • November 19, 2005 was the fifth anniversary of a well-known show I did with Mary Ann in her Portland apartment, which involved, among other things, a drunk Mary Ann. She called in to inform the listeners that she was celebrating “not getting drunk by drinking gin.” Issues happen as a result.
  • Does anyone besides the show’s host set alarms for weird times of the day, I.E. 8:18, 6:34, or 8:27 AM, rather than, say, 6:30 or 9:15?
  • Due to some strange issues somewhere, a new accidental thing is created, known as 40 seconds with Venison. He gets 40 seconds to talk before his phone cuts him off, and eventually made my computer lock up hard, requiring a restart, though, naturally, he puts the blame on others.

Oh, other things happen as well, but the whole deal pretty well deteriorated about 27 minutes before it started. So, as always, listen at your own risk. I claim no responsibility for … *insert the rest of everyone’s standard disclaimer here, so I don’t have to actually write it out.*

In other news, my Digitech quad IV effects processor is having problems turning on. Once it’s on, it’s good, but power cycling it sometimes results in the thing not working, until it’s been left to sit around and click at you for a few minutes, as heard at the start of, and somewhere near the middle of the show. Anger management time happens now.

If things go as planned, PDAudio Realtime 20o10 (not 20o10.5, which should happen around this time of year, with myself and , will occur on Saturday, November 27. Stay tuned for more fun issues from that front.

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Things and Stuff for November 13, 2010

Here we go again. The end of another week, the end of another show, and the drudgery of having to try annotating the blasted thing. Well, ya know what? This time, like many others, I think I won’t bother trying. I will say that this show was fun, my internet connection wasn’t, and I like vocoders. What, not a good enough description? Well… yeah, it’s not. So, to make up for it, here’s the link to find out more. Have fun, and don’t say I didn’t warn you! Well, it would be the truth, since I didn’t… So, don’t tell the truth! No, stop it! Lie right now!

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Things and Stuff for November 6, 2010

What we gonna do right here is go back… way back… back into time… Oh, wait, we already did that.
Welcome to eastern standard time, home of several people. For your reward, you get a shiny new Things and Stuff archive. I enjoyed it. Maybe you will as well.
Here’s some of what it has to offer:

  • The first traditional call from Derek introduces the iWork app, a workaround for the bug in iOS 4.1 that breaks alarms after a shift to or from daylight saving time.
  • I was very successful at confusing Venison, and apparently various other people, with an announcement on Twitter just before the show. Got him all angry and stuff…
  • “How was your week?” Mine was fun, spent with Melanie, doing interesting things. As a result, I have more toilets, and some sounds from a Motorola Droid.
  • I loaded the “droid” sound into my keyboard, which made Byron call in to do bad things with his Droid, talk about weird apps, and other random stuff.
  • Let’s play a song I made with “droid,” followed by another random thing simply entitled Colorado. Yeah, I was bored. What else is new?
  • Propetuum Jazzile, an A Capella group, thinks singing songs about Africa and simulating storms with their hands and various objects on stage is a good idea. Sure, why not? They’re good at it.
  • As usual, something from Things and Stuff’s past comes up, followed by a call from a long forgotten person who seems to show up once a year… sometimes.
  • The rest of the show is formed by a chain of phone calls from people that do bad stuff, making me end the show about 6 minutes later than normal.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, 20o10 will have seven more Things and Stuffs in it. Hopefully, they’ll all be at least as interesting to me, and hopefully you, as this one was. If not, oh well. Too bad.

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Things and Stuff for October 30, 2010

I’ll make this short, and possibly, but probably not, sweet.
What happens when you take two people (specifically Patrick Perdue and Melanie Kotch) who are beyond tired, stick them in a basement project studio for two hours, give them a couple of microphones, and let them go for a while? Well, the obvious answer, of course, is this week’s episode of Things and Stuff. In fact, I think it requires no explanation what so ever. I truly believe that trying to explain it’s content would be much worse than several terribly bad things. So, in everyone’s best interest, I won’t. Click and enjoy. No, that’s share and enjoy, isn’t it? Oh, just do something.

Time to sleep in a hotel bed.

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Things and Stuff for October 23, 2010

And now, it’s time for another free show! Is it worth what you pay for it?

This week’s archive does some of the following, and other stuff as well:

  • I have apparently graduated from having phone obsessed people calling the show to blind stoners, and the new “squeak of the week” is revealed, for what it’s worth.
  • LPC encoding/decoding in realtime. Yep, possible, and a bad idea.
  • Should I be bothered in future, I now have a new, inefficient, but effective way to answer the question “How was your week?”
  • Thanks to a conversation on TeamTalk with Andre almost two weeks ago, and a delay unit from the 1980’s that can truly loop infinitely with no degeneration, we have a bad loop that wasted electricity for a while… until I killed it on the air, of course.
  • Let’s look at two examples of mechanical music creation from the early 1900’s, a good example from a properly restored Hupfeld Orchestrion Phonoliszt-Violina from 1912, playing a piano and two real violins (or something that sounds pretty real, anyway,) all from a paper roll, and a… well… not so good one from a Model 33 Heinrich Voigt (Ruth & Son) concert organ, otherwise known as “the drunk carousel.”
  • I found something I want for Christmas… an acoustic bass guitar, with a twist. A clip of someone demonstrating it is provided for your convenience.
  • Pat Fleet BellSouth number disconnected messages do still exist around here. OH boy!
  • Let’s play a sequence of something I remember from high school theater, though the name escapes me, followed by some random stuff from a show rehearsal I recorded 8.5 years ago on minidisc, which contains the source of this stupid thing that would not go away, prompting me to record it very badly with a step sequencer. Buckets and tap dancing are included. How can you go wrong with that?
  • The rest of the show deteriorates into one of those famous calls from Alexander (Lisa?) Nelson, talk of various sequences, and bad things from my past, yet again, like always, some more…
  • Who knew Venison likes to tap dance?
  • That’s it for this week. Check back for something hopefully interesting soon.

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Things and Stuff for October 9, 2010

This week’s show mainly consisted of playing with effects processors on the Yamaha Motif XS, using the iPhone as a phone patch, including it’s various issues, the “oh no connection,” an under-developed idea that has a lot of potential, and other strange things. Get it here and enjoy the spectacle I made of myself… again!

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Things and Stuff for October 2, 2010

Are you ready? It’s time for another spectacular, over-the-top piece of crap, which is now available for Download.
It includes, but is not limited to:

  • some great tracks from the Dixie Dregs
  • More stupidity with the Ensoniq TS-12 and it’s built-in step sequencer
  • Lots of calls from “Lisa Nelson”
  • bad people who want to be toasters when they grow up

and much, much more. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the Things and Stuff iPhone app, demonstrated at the start of the show.
Again, I forgot to get back to some bits. Oh well, try again later, or something.

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No Things and Stuff for last week. Just a boring blog post instead.

Good hello to anyone bored enough to read this thing. Let’s just say that last Saturday’s show was a flop of unprecedented pproportions. If you heard it live, you may know why. To those who didn’t, I envy you greatly. There will be no archive. Sorry about that. Actually, I’m not.

The last couple of days have been interesting. After Saturday’s failure, I decided to turn off my primary pc (a netbook at this point,) put it under the bed, and use nothing but my iPhone until Friday. I have no immediate jobs requiring advanced functions like sound editing, and I can do all the basics using only my iPhone and a bluetooth keyboard. I’ve made it through almost two days of not touching a pc for anything, and, honestly, the experience has been pretty fun. I’ve adopted a minimalist approach to life lately, and this fits the bill rather nicely.
The LiveJournal app is useless from an accessibility standpoint, unless you just want to read entries. Posting just doesn’t work, so I’m actually writing this into the notes app, and will paste it into the website. Oh well, could be worse.

Also, I’ve decided that my left eye really needs to stop existing. For the last week or so, it feels like something is lodged in my eye, like a piece of sand or something, but I don’t think anything is. I’m starting to think I should have it looked at. Maybe it’s way past time to get rid of these non-functional eyes, replacing them with useless fake ones. Then again, maybe not

One of these days, I’ll have an interesting existence. Until then, I won’t bother even trying to pretend. While some my argue, successfully, that there is a good reason to pretend that you are something you’re not, or that the situation you’v found yourself in is, in fact, a lot worse than you make it out to be, I don’t see a point in trying. I just don’t have the energy to put up a front which, in the grand scheme of things, is useless anyway. Staying in bed for a month sounds like a great idea..

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Things and Stuffs for August 14 and September 18, 2010

Good hello, and welcome to the last few hours of summer. In case you were wondering, I can’t wait for it to die, good and proper. Unfortunately, it’s doing a terrible job of that at the moment, with highs still hanging out in the 90’s (Fahrenheit, of course, as temperatures in that range centigrade would be a terrible idea, for obvious reasons.) This particular summer definitely hasn’t been one of my favorites. In fact, the most fun bits of the past few months happened just before summer
technically existed. Things broke during it, and now we’re here. So, summer, please turn around and shove off. You are no longer welcome in these parts. Good bye!

Now, for the reason I’ve actually bothered to write in this thing.
I have two Things and Stuff archives for you today. One of them is over a month late, so it’s new to me, as I’ve now forgotten what it actually did. So, let’s find out together.

Things and Stuff for August 14, 2010

  • The show started out with a happy hello… that is, once the thing decided to work. Phone calls for this show were provided by my Nokia E71 mobile phone patched into the board, and used as a sip client, since my normal phone patch solution took a temporary nosedive. This,
    incidentally, was the last major thing I did with that phone, as I got an iPhone 4 to replace it a few days later. Sadly, this solution sounds better than some patches I’ve heard on commercial stations. Oh well.
  • After a standard first call from Derek, and a call from Jonathan talking about near-death experiences, MaryAnn showed up to play with her new Panasonic cordless phone, and it’s associated ringtones.
  • Bringing back an old bit from last year, I rediscovered some very crappy, but amusing vocal samples from the Yamaha Motif X-Panded sample bank for the Motif XS. Rug rats, anyone?
  • Let’s do bad things with voip equipment, effects processors, and FX Radio, for no particular reason.
  • We find that the world outside my window is boring, as usual.
  • The mommy call broke, but she showed up in studio during a phone call from Steve Matzura of New York City, making things interesting and odd, bringing forth conversations about baby squirrels. No, I’m not kidding!
  • Monty called in from an iPhone, and talked about… wait for it… bandwidth! Shocking, isn’t it?

If any of this random crap interests you, feel free to download the stupid thing!

A note: No one bothered telling me that the output on the show was incredibly low, and dynamics were all over the place. I
used a multiband compressor to squish it post-stream, which is why it sounds a little different than normal.

Things and Stuff for September 18, 2010

And now, the show for this week, a rather odd one.

  • At the beginning of the show, I announced a prize for the first person to correctly guess what brand of microphone I used on this particular episode.
  • The first call from Derek reminisced on past events from TBRN’s nearly six year history.
  • Mom showed up to talk about the flight of honor, an event held to honor World War II vets. My grandmother was a marine, and participated in this event on Saturday.
  • A clue was given about the microphone name. It has an h in it.
  • Because I was bored, I decided to look up the procedure on how to do step-recording on the Ensoniq TS-12, and made some rather stupid sequences as a result.
  • A couple of disturbing tracks submitted by Andre, followed by the first “fast track” in over four years. Remember those?
  • Thanks to a random file recorded in a car five years ago, we remember such things as the freaky fwoof alert, blart, and other things that are now dead.
  • A bad idea called, and suggested that I do a drunk Things and Stuff. Nope, won’t happen. This was followed by the first successful use of the click alarm, at least on Things and Stuff.
  • I need plexiglas┬«!
  • Jayson Smith pointed out that Thursdays are bad for you, yet again. July 4, 1776 was a Thursday… Enough said.
  • Time to be boring, and play live things using my Motif XS and Ensoniq TS-12. No good reason for it, really.
  • Jayson Smith called in, and among other things, promoted “super data recovery,” a service for… um… getting data from broken hard drives… Yeah, sure. Appropriate music is provided.
  • Another look back at Things and Stuff of the past, this time taking a look at the events of August 12, 2006.
  • Venison tried to fool me, but didn’t.
  • The brand of microphone I used was announced at the end of the show. No one guessed, and no one won the prize, which, as it turns out, would have been said microphone.

And, just to be boring and predictable, the download link is very much over here.

Have an enjoyable double-archive time, while I hang out with another relative of Mr. McHurtford. They do keep showing up, for some reason.

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Things and Stuff for September 11, 2010

Greetings from a semi-sick person. Today, we have a not so special treat for you, this being the archive for Things and Stuff, September 11, 2010.

From talk of things that just aren’t made like they used to, playing with effect plugins in realtime, more odd things from Pams jingles, and a few other things in between, this archive is sure to entertain you for at least 19 seconds. If it doesn’t, we can’t do anything for you. Terribly sorry, and all that.

A side-note:
I have several things from Josh Owens that I’ve been meaning to get to for the last couple of weeks, but it keeps breaking. So, I’ll do my best to get that stuff on this up-coming Saturday.
I will also post the August 14 archive tomorrow, so it will be exactly a month late.

Now, back to feeling miserable and generally crappy.

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Things and Stuff for September 4, 2010

Welcome to September. Summer is finally thinking about shoving off, and good things will soon happen… for somebody… I guess.
in an unrelated note, Click here to have issues!

On Friday, I bought an old Digitech RDS 900 digital delay unit from music-go-round for $49. It was just sitting there, looking so old, I just had to see what it did. This thing dates back to around 1984, and it’s rather interesting to play with. I, naturally, did that, and explained a bit about how it works, and demonstrated how to get a stereo chorus effect from it, eeven though it’s a mono effects processor.
September 4 was the 16th birthday of my Ensoniq TS-12 keyboard. This was celebrated with another dumb birthday song written using it’s sequencer, just like last year, as well as a bunch of unrelated, highly incriminating clips from the past of yours truly, triggering a rather amusing memory of something that happened to an x-TBRN presenter in 2007.
Except for the third part of the Pams series, that’s about it for this week.

I don’t know if I’ll be showing next week, since the studio might have it’s guts ripped out next Saturday to change the carpet. That should have happened this week, but measurements were never taken, and I’ve bought some bass traps to install in the room, as I’ve decided to slowly put together an acoustic treatment solution to get rid of some of those annoying standing waves, and have some defusing going on. Too much to do all at once, found some good deals on bass traps, so decided to start out with that.

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Things and Stuff for August 28, 2010

According to the TAS calendar, another month is over. According to the Gregorian calendar, there are still a couple of days left. Oh, how I’d like the TAS one to be correct. Alas, this is not to be. Probably not a bad thing, since, according to the TAS calendar, each month only has either four or five days in it. Then again, that in itself wouldn’t be so bad sometimes.
In either case, the final episode for August 2010 is now available to play with.
This one had some particularly amusing bits in it, summarized here for your inconvenience.

  • The show started out, standard enough, with a call from Derek, including suggestions as to the best possible sports to play while in a linen closet, among other non-standard items.
  • After the first track, Mommy shows up with a problem. Drums do not bring root beer. Mom wants a piece of furniture in my studio very badly, and makes lots of noise about it, including the first ever story time with Mommy, and an excuse to bring up “one small twist” again.
  • We say “hello” to Josh for 15 minutes (only an 8th of the show this time, not a quarter as Derek speculated it would be. HA!)
  • A call from Mom, and a broken attempt to check voicemail leads to something that could very well break my reputation forever. Venison, naturally, picks up on this.
  • Just as a kind of fake Sunday Night Serenade promotional type deal, we hear a clip from a streamed Boatmen band rehersal, featuring Randy Gilkey and friends, with a couple of issues.
  • Let’s revisit my opinion on Allison Smith because it was brought up by a new listener.
  • It’s time for the Notting Hill Carnival again, which Onj streams every year. I tried, and failed, to get hit in the head with metal objects while set up happened like I did in 2008, but I wasn’t quite on late enough. That sort of stuff is going on as I write, currently at 8:00 AM BST, for the information.
  • And now, part II of the Pams Jingles feature.
  • Voicemail retreavle was finally successful. Even more noise about this certain piece of furniture was revealed as a result.
  • Time to play the keyboard some more… Well, for a couple of minutes, anyway.
  • Let’s insert a shameless plug for FX Radio for some new people who may not have known about it.
  • Let’s find out how a particular small southern station pays the bills by looking at how it handles Sunday morning.

And that’s that for another month. Let’s see what September does… Oh, and still no upload for the show from two weeks ago. Sorry, I guess. Enjoy this one, anyway.

A few complaints:
I ran things a little hot, didn’t quite have the mic processing the way I usually do, and I accidentally encoded this week’s archive at a lower bitrate. Oh well, more of my money is being saved.

P.S. This entire entry was written in the bathroom. Yes, you needed to know.

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Things and Stuff for August 21, 2010

Good salutation, and welcome to yet another period of time wasted on frivolous pursuits of an audiological nature, otherwise known as this week’s episode of Things and Stuff.

Sorry, tired again, so no real description. It had lots of fun things in it, though, including the first of a 15-week series of presentations from a Pams Jingles sample package, a song from Andre using the La D Da app for iPhone, unnecessary sensorship, fun with outside microphones, and other random, strange and generally odd things.
Oh, and I am now an iPhone user… There, I said it.

Maybe I’ll get around to uploading last week’s show sometime this week. Oops. Enjoy this one for now.

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Things and Stuff for August 7, 2010

It’s that time again. That’s right, time for another space-wasting archive. I guess it’s better than nothing.
Here’s what you’ll get yourself into if you click the above link (my condolences to you in advance for that, by the way.)

  • The show started out at the wrong sampling rate. Gotta love those digital mixers and external clock sources. Not the first time that’s happened, probably won’t be the last.
  • Derek muses about issues with open reel tape decks, ideas for a possible broadcastathon, family reunions, Byron’s flat tire shop, carbon mics, broken condensers, and other things.
  • On Thursday, a very nice thunderstorm showed up, including a very out-of-place ice cream truck playing Christmas music. This, of course, was recorded for all the world to laugh about.
  • Jonathan from Canada has joined the ranks of the elite, the unemployed… BLIND PEOPLE!!! This is discussed, including issues with the former employer. His last day of work was Thursday, which brings forth the predictable discussion about Thursday being bad for you, the happiest countries in the world, and other random things.
  • As an experiment, I made some convolution impulses from the effects unit of my Ensoniq TS-12. Since I like the reverb, but the ts-12 has no live inputs, I wanted to see how close to reality it would come. It needs work, but it’s a start.
  • I like songs with things that should have been taken out, but weren’t. Such an example, from the Mamas and the Papas, is brought to the world’s attention.
  • A call from Josh, with the usual radio report, questions about southern grammar, and the coldest weather forecast he has on tape, just in time for the dog days of summer, of course.
  • Putting things out of phase, playing multiple songs at once, generally being a bad person… All things you should expect by now, of course.
  • Here’s another unfinished idea, brought to you by the Motif XS pattern sequencer.

Aside from the trivial details, like the actual content of the show, that’s about it. Have fun with it.

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Christmas in August… except not?

Good day, readers. Today, I have a rather odd bit of audio for you, recorded at my home last night at around 6:00 PM.

As is often the case here in the good ol’ southeast United States, a particularly nice thunderstorm came through the area.
During the convention I attended in Phoenix last month, I picked up an Olympus DM520 digital recorder, which I quite like.
For about the last 9 years or so, recording tests for new portable recording equipment have included toilets and thunderstorms. Yes, I know I’m a bit mad, but you’ll get used to it.
Anyway, a suitable test storm came through on July 28, but it was pretty standard, so I won’t bother bringing that up, other than to say it brought even more water into the basement. Oh, yes, I may not have mentioned that, when I came home from Phoenix, it was to a good deal of water on the studio floor, and the rest of the basement, for that matter. Having this happening over and over again, when I have no control of certain aspects of life here, is really getting quite old. Therefore, I’m investigating other living arrangements… but we’re getting off topic yet again. You should be used to this by now.

OK, back to storms. Yes, that’s what we were talking about, right? Yeah, that was it.

Yesterday, a rather large portion of North Carolina was hit by a multi-cell storm system, which was absolutely fantastic in terms of sound and lightning. Fortunately, it didn’t invade the basement, which I rather appreciate, given events of recent weeks. I decided, in typical stupid fashion, to stick a single-point stereo microphone out the window, connect it to the DM520, press record, and see how things turned out. What I didn’t expect, however, was hearing an ice cream truck going down the road playing Christmas music during this very obvious non-wintry weather. Silent night indeed! I don’t think so!
Yep, a clash of epic proportions. Maybe that works in Australia, but not on this side of the world. Sorry, try again.

Anyway, I recorded this storm, which, by the way, has some pretty amazing bangs in it, only to discover that my mic placement left something to be desired, and the stereo image almost didn’t exist. Fortunately, thanks to Sound Forge and it’s ms matrix decoder, flipping one channel out of phase, and lining up the amplitude of both channels, I managed to get a good image from it, despite the issues.
It was also pretty windy outside, and I couldn’t find a windscreen, so I used a pair of rolled up socks. Worked just as well, as it turned out, but if anyone happened to be looking in the general direction of the upstairs bathroom window, seeing a pair of socks hanging off a metal rod in the window had to look a little weird. I sure hope I didn’t break my pristine reputation. Oh, wait… never mind.
For those who may be interested in this sort of thing, 35 minutes of this storm can now be downloaded free of charge. As well as reprocessing the stereo image, a bit of dynamic compression was used. Therefore, it’s really not quite an accurate representation of the DM520 by itself, but it will give you a pretty good idea of what it can do if it wants to.

Don’t forget, you can always click here for a live stream of the environment just outside my studio window, if you’re bored with your own. For a while, you’ll make friends with Mr. next door neighbor’s air conditioning unit, as well as the occasional evening party with the local Mexican population, but that’s OK. It could always be worse.

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Things and Stuff for July 31, 2010

July is over. August, generally the most depressing month of the year for no particular reason, which occurs six months after February, the most pointless month of the year, is here to take it’s place. As a result, this highly bad episode of Things and Stuff is now available. Remind me to stop doing these blasted things 20 minutes after waking up. It’s not a good idea. Here it is anyway. enjoy.

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Things and Stuff for July 24, 2010

After a two week absence, one of which was unscheduled thanks to another basement flood, we now present, for what it may or may not be worth to you, your loved ones, your cash register, and the random pair of sneakers under your bed, this week’s episode of Things and Stuff. Assuming you didn’t catch the live show, here are a few things you may have missed:

  • ScanSoft Squishalizer Borris, a new synthesizer from Popular Demand Audio, with cooperation from ScanSoft (or not,) makes itself known to the world by hosting the show for a while.
  • After a quick discussion with myself about the last couple of weeks, and the fact that I picked up an Olympus DM520 digital recorder at the ACB conference and Convention in Phoenix, I got a tech support question from Monty regarding said unit, which eventually resulted in showing just how easy it is to switch between real and fake versions of Borris.
  • Jonathan calls in with the last of the weird neighbor reports. He didn’t last long in that apartment building, apparently. Discussion then turns to various things, such as baby beer stories, blind tech, speech synthesis, and random crap.
  • WGAJ ends another broadcast… Not broadcasting day, but broadcast. Hear the last minute of this educational station’s existence as captured by Josh Owens in May of 1998.
  • The Arizona Rattlers don’t sponsor TBRN, but apparently my subconscious thought it should. Why? No idea, I’m afraid.
  • Venison shows up to talk about broken things, break more things, and generally mess the world up for no particular reason. Global warming, sun spots, atmosphere blow-up, all kinds of fun things.
  • Thanks to a submission from Randy Gilkey, we have a few demo tapes of the Ursa Major Space Station, a digital delay and reverb unit from around 1978. We do like effects around here! One of the tapes was played back on a miss-aligned deck. Oh well.
  • The secret behind ScanSoft Squishalizer Borris is revealed, which eventually leads to some very odd phone calls from Venison, Jonathan, and ultra-eago, setting up future confrentations in the process.

That’s this week done. Due to things happening around here, I may or may not be on fake air for the next few weeks. Everything needs to be moved out of the studio, and the carpet needs to be replaced. Not sure when that will happen, so there you have it. Enjoy, or some such.

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